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Green bedroom
Pick the perfect shade of green for your bedroom

Green Bedroom Inspiration

It really is easy going green. Breathe new life into your sleeping quarters with a green bedroom. Shades of pink and purple complement green paint, with navy blue making for a classic combination in a lime bedroom. Forest tones are ideal if a dark green bedroom takes your fancy, with mint green bedrooms brightening up smaller spaces. Find your perfect shade and decorating inspiration with our FAQs, tips and tricks below.

Revive your bedroom with shades of green

Refresh your bedroom with a touch of green

Our green bedroom décor ideas will help transform your room into a calm, peaceful resting space. Take some inspiration from the great outdoors and create a bedroom reminiscent of a beautiful forest or meadow. A timeless choice, green can create a serene atmosphere and is ideal for one of the most relaxing rooms in the house.

Wooden furniture and green tea-hued walls give a rustic feel to modern spaces, while an emerald green bedroom with touches of gold creates a luxurious haven for resting in. Whatever colour scheme you envision, there’s a Dulux paint for the job.

Green Bedroom Inspiration

Whether you like the concept of a green and neutral bedroom or a light green space, we’ll show you how to use this colour to create a harmonious look. Discover our articles below for plenty of green bedroom wall ideas.

Green Shades for your Bedroom

Green is perfect for bedrooms because of its calming effect and association with nature. Whether you’re searching for a light hue to transport you to the countryside or a darker shade for a dramatic look, this colour works well in every space. From sage green bedrooms to forest green bedrooms, there are so many schemes to choose from. Best of all, green works well with lots of colours, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating.

Episode 2 The Green Colour Palette

Let's Colour Podcast #2: The Green Colour Palette

Make sure to tune into our Let’s Colour podcast for more green colour palette inspiration. Our interior design podcast features everything you need to know about green bedroom colour schemes, including which shades work well together and the best Dulux paint to use, from Emerald Glade to Willow Tree. This episode also includes expert commentary from Karen Haller, who shares her take on all things green décor.

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