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Kids’ bedroom colour inspiration

Kids’ bedrooms are a place for children to relax, rest and play. The right colours can make the space more welcoming, spark creativity and promote restfulness.

Planning on decorating your little one’s room? Get inspired by our children’s bedroom décor ideas, from the best paint shades to fun accessories for those all-important finishing touches. 

Kids’ bedroom colour ideas

Decorating a child’s bedroom is about finding a paint shade that expresses their personality. From soft pastels to bright hues, here are some of the best children’s bedroom paint ideas:

  • Green children’s bedroom ideas. Green is one of the most versatile choices for children’s bedrooms, symbolising nature and promoting a calm environment. Whether you want to use sage green or dark forest green, it’s easy to find an ideal shade at Dulux.

  • White children’s bedroom ideas. White is perfect for gender-neutral rooms, allowing you to add pops of colour in creative ways.

  • Pink children’s bedroom ideas. From soft blush to vibrant coral, pink paint adds a whimsical feel to kids’ bedrooms. Pale pastel tones create a soothing atmosphere, while peachy pinks make the space warm and comforting. 

  • Blue children’s bedroom ideas. Blue is popular for children’s bedrooms, evoking a calming feel. From sky blue to deep sapphire, it helps create a peaceful setting and promotes restful sleep. 

Girls' bedroom colour ideas

When decorating a girl’s bedroom, choosing a colour that evokes creativity and encourages a calm environment is important. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our top girls’ bedroom paint ideas:

  • Pink girls’ bedroom ideas. Pink is a go-to shade for girls’ bedrooms. Whether you use it on its own or pair it with pops of purple or white, it’s a classic choice that pairs well with all kinds of furniture and accessories. 

  • Blue and white girls’ bedroom ideas. Blue and white is an ideal colour combination, creating a serene environment away from the bustle of the outside world. Pair pastel blue with white furniture for a calm space they’ll love to relax in.

  • Yellow girls’ bedroom ideas. Bright and fun, yellow is a fail-safe choice for girls’ bedrooms. You could incorporate pale yellow across all four walls or create a bright yellow feature wall for a fun addition. Choose our Simply Refresh Feature Wall paint to achieve the perfect finish in one coat.

Boys’ bedroom colour ideas

Colour is one of the most important elements in a boys’ bedroom. Whatever his interests, here are some popular boys’ bedroom paint ideas to create a space your little one will love: 

  • Blue boys’ bedroom ideas. Introduce different shades of blue to create a soothing space. To add interest, why not use a character-inspired design? Check out this superhero-themed bedroom for inspiration. 

  • Green boys’ bedroom ideas. Bring the outside indoors with a green kids’ bedroom. Add nature-inspired details – such as animal prints – for a unique look.

  • Orange boys’ bedroom ideas. Orange is a cheerful, friendly colour that works well in boys’ bedrooms. For the best results, try using it as an accent colour and pair it with softer hues of green and grey. 

Teen bedroom colours

Decorating a teen room can be tricky; the décor decisions depend on your teen’s age, personality and preferences. The space could feature playful elements reminiscent of childhood or have an all-over grown-up look. Most importantly, their room should be a place where they can comfortably chill out and study. Our favourite bedroom ideas for teenagers include:

  • Bold teenage bedroom ideas. Whether bright red or vibrant blue, introducing a bold colour scheme into a teen bedroom allows them to express their creativity. You could paint all the walls with a bold shade or create a fun feature wall. Pair bold walls with neutral bedding and accessories to make the colour pop.

  • Black and white teenage bedroom ideas. Black and white is a staple colour combination. When used together, these shades help create a serene, sophisticated environment. Pair white walls with black bedding and accessories for a dramatic look.

  • Grey teenage bedroom ideas. Neutral shades like grey encourage a stress-free space, making the room feel more spacious and airy. A pink and grey scheme lends a grown-up feel to a teenage room; choose pastel pink for the walls and team with light grey accessories. 

Kids’ bedroom accessories

Once you’ve decided on the perfect colour palette, it’s time to enhance the space with children’s bedroom accessories. Consider space-saving solutions to keep the room clutter-free, as well as cosy textiles and unique details that add character.

Shelves and baskets are ideal for displaying books and storing toys neatly. Choose storage in colours that complement the rest of the bedroom. For example, natural wooden storage is perfect for green rooms where you want the walls to be the focus.

Does your little one love reading in their room? Consider creating a cosy reading corner with soft cushions, blankets, plush toys, and a play tent. Make the area even more tranquil by adding a table and a couple of lamps – one of the best lighting choices for children’s bedrooms. 

The best paint for kids’ bedrooms

Explore the best paint for children’s bedrooms at Dulux. Our interior paint collection contains high-quality products, including matt, satin and silk paints that guarantee a long-lasting finish.

For kids’ bedrooms, you want paint that will stand the test of time. Our Easycare range features formulations that withstand wear and tear. 20 times tougher than standard Dulux paint, Easycare paint resists all kinds of spills and stains!

Once you’ve chosen your paint, browse our selection of colours to find the perfect match for their room. 

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