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Colour Lookbook - 5 teal room ideas to inspire you

Blue and green are both known for their restful qualities, so what could be more relaxing than a combination of the two? Teal is a sophisticated colour that spans from rich peacock hues to soft and subtle shades, but wherever you go on the teal spectrum, you’re guaranteed a décor scheme that is both luxurious and relaxing.

Use it liberally to paint an entire room or as an accent colour to make a statement. From teal bedroom and living room ideas to teal kitchens and dining rooms, let us inspire you with our teal room ideas.

1. Add a bold pop of colour

Create a statement wall

For a teal living room or bedroom idea that packs a punch, use a rich jewel-like tone such as Proud Peacock to paint a dramatic feature wall. Paint the entire wall behind your fireplace or keep it to the chimney breast only depending on how much of a statement you want to make, then paint woodwork in a crisp white for a beautiful and sophisticated contrast.

Add wooden furniture and leafy prints to accentuate the accent colour’s relationship with the natural world.

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2. Get creative with stripes

Create a statement wall

For a subtle teal room idea that works particularly well in a living room or dining room, try painting thick vertical stripes using a cool shade of teal like Mint Macaroon and a warm grey like Warm Pewter. For maximum effect, take the striped all the way down to the floor, but if you have skirting boards then paint them in either the same shade of grey or in white for a clean and contrasting finish.

This aesthetic is soft and chic, with a somewhat Mediterranean feel to it, so add pale wood furniture, wicker accents and soft furnishings in warm neutrals. 


3. Refresh your doorway

Create a statement wall

If all-out teal is a little too much for you, then keep it subtle with a pale teal paint like Atmosphere on your door and doorframe. Painting your doorframe the same colour as the door itself adds interest and a sense of sophistication, particularly in an all-white room. Use Dulux Easycare paint to keep your paintwork looking its best for longer.

Complement this understated look with pared-back décor in the rest of the room, using light-coloured natural wood and keeping furniture, accessories and other decoration to a minimum.


4. Spruce up your shelving

Create a statement wall

As we’ve already seen, teal and grey are an ideal colour pairing. Continue this colour scheme from your walls through to your shelves to give your kitchen an eye-catching makeover. Use a light teal like First Frost alongside a dark grey like Urban Obsession, painting over bare brick and timber for a raw, industrial feel.

Add wooden and black metal furniture to accentuate the industrial aesthetic in your teal kitchen, with brass or copper accents throughout the room. 


5. Mix and match your teal tones

Create a statement wall

Why opt for one shade of teal when you can mix and match to create a fun and playful space? This works particularly well in rooms with oddly shaped walls and alcoves, but there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go in a regular-shaped room too! Pick two or three complementary shades, like Teal Tension, Pistachio Whip and Spring Meadow and watch your home come to life!

Keep it looking grown up with dark wood furniture, black metal accents, contemporary lighting and sophisticated artwork.

Find the perfect shade of teal paint for your home, or get inspired on how to use navy and teal paint in your home.

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