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Dulux Red Painted Bedroom With Red Abstract Art Feature And Wooden Décor
Red Paint Inspiration

Red Paint Inspiration

From daring and dramatic red paint at one end to gentle and pretty pink paint at the other, the red colour spectrum is broad and covers all bases. With that in mind, there's a shade of Dulux red paint to suit just about anyone, no matter whether you're looking for a red colour scheme that is warm and welcoming, bold and bright or soft and subdued.

Make a statement with red

Discover how to transform your home

Whatever your style and whichever room you're looking to make over, our red and pink paint inspiration page will help you to choose the right shade, with helpful tips and advice on how to pair red and pink with other colours in the most effective way, and how to make your chosen colour work in different rooms around your home.

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Red & Pink Colour Shades

Symbolising passion, our shades of red paint can evoke excitement, playfulness or a classic touch. If bold and bright red paint isn't your thing, historic hues such as cherry red paint can be beautiful but sedate. Or bring a sense of calm to your home with one of our many pink paint colours. Which shade will you choose?

Dark Reds & Pinks

Dark red paint can create an air of grown-up sophistication in your home, especially a burgundy paint, which exudes luxury and opulence, especially in the living room. Candy red paint adds a touch of fun and playfulness, particularly when used in small doses. Alternatively, a dark dusky pink paint can look almost Mediterranean, refreshing a room and adding welcome warmth and bringing a holiday feel to your home.

Light Reds & Pinks

For something on the more subtle side, look no further than a shade of light red paint. Blush pink paint is an incredibly popular choice - its slightly beige tint makes it a sophisticated and grown-up option for rooms around the house. Alternatively, opt for a candy-coloured soft pink paint, balancing it with zingy citrus tones for a fun and exciting colour scheme.

Transform your space

Red Room Ideas

Red paint can make a statement in doses big or small, so go all out with an entirely red room, or pare it back and introduce red accents, perhaps in the form of a feature wall or painted alcoves. There's no shortage of ideas when it comes to pink rooms either, with pink proving a popular choice in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Explore our red and pink room ideas for plenty of inspiration.

Dulux Let's Colour Podcast Episode 1 Red Colour Palette Thumbnail

Lets Colour Podcast #1: The Red Colour Palette

For even more inspiration, check out our red colour palette podcast. Join us as we discuss all the exciting ways to use a red colour palette in your home. There's a special guest appearance from fashion designer Kitty Joseph, and we'll also offer tips on what to do with leftover paint.

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