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Bedroom colour inspiration

Colour can have a soothing effect on your mind, helping you relax and get a good night's sleep. Therefore, choosing the right bedroom colours is essential to create your perfect sleep sanctuary. When decorating the bedroom, we have plenty of design inspiration to help you get started. Our guide includes bedroom colour ideas for every taste, from calming neutrals to cosy dark tones and soothing pastels.

The best bedroom colours

Wondering what colour to paint your bedroom? Whether you're planning a complete makeover or want to add some colour to a neutral bedroom with a feature wall, these are some of the best shades to consider:

  • Neutral bedroom ideas. Whether beige, cream or white, neutrals are among the best bedroom wall colours. They're timeless, minimalist, calming, and work well in modern and traditional homes. 

  • Grey bedroom ideas. This neutral shade is perfect for bedrooms, evoking calm while giving your space a clean, modern look. Soft grey will brighten the room and is the ideal alternative to white, while darker shades like charcoal create a cosy bedroom.

  • Blue bedroom ideas. Blue is another versatile shade for bedrooms, whether you prefer sky blue, elegant teal or deep navy. This calming shade evokes nature, helping you relax before bed.

  • Green bedroom ideas. Green evokes nature and calm, making it a great choice for bedrooms. Whether you prefer dark forest green walls or sage green bedroom décor, find a shade you'll love at Dulux.

  • Pink bedroom ideas. Add warmth and colour to your space with pink. Soft pastel pink is a subtle addition to your bedroom, while earthy reddish-pink tones make a bold statement. 

The best bedroom colour combinations

Once you've narrowed down your favourite shades, it's time to get creative with colour combinations. From tonal designs to contrasting shades, explore the best bedroom colour scheme ideas to create your perfect pairing:

  • Pink and grey bedrooms. This colour scheme is modern and stylish, contrasting warm and cool tones. Pair soft grey walls with pastel pink bedding, soft furnishings and accessories for a brightening effect, or vice versa. 

  • Green and grey bedrooms. These calming shades pair well together in bedrooms. Sage green walls look great with grey furnishings, while darker combinations like forest green and charcoal grey create a cosy and luxurious feel. 

  • Grey and cream bedrooms. If you love neutrals but want to add depth to your bedroom, try a cream and grey colour scheme. This combination works well in traditional homes for a cosy and luxurious design. Paint the walls cream and choose grey furnishings or vice versa. 

  • Blue and white bedrooms. Uplifting yet calming, blue and white colour schemes can be adapted for modern and traditional interiors. Navy blue walls give the space a warm, luxurious feel, paired with white furnishings for contrast. Alternatively, sky blue accents add a splash of colour against white walls.

  • Tonal colour schemes. Consider a tonal colour scheme if you've settled on a shade but want to add depth to your bedroom. For example, introduce varying shades of the same colour for contrast, whether green, grey, blue or pink. 

The best paint for bedrooms

Discover the best paint for bedroom walls, trim and furniture at Dulux. Our interior paint collection includes matt and silk paint for walls and ceilings. Painting a child's bedroom? Check out our Easycare range, featuring tough and washable formulations to withstand wear and tear, should your little one decide to get creative with pens, paints or crayons on the walls!

For wooden furniture, skirting boards and metal trim, choose silk, gloss, satinwood or eggshell paint. Then, use our colour finder tool to explore Dulux's range of paint colours and find your perfect shade. 

Bedroom colour hubs

If you're still unsure what your favourite bedroom colour scheme is, we have more inspiration on our blog. Visit our bedroom colour hub pages to discover the best ways to use each shade in your space, including blue, green and grey:

If you're stuck between colours, download the Dulux Visualizer app and see your room instantly transformed. Need more inspiration? Follow us on socials for all things colour and décor.

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