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Kitchen colour inspiration

Kitchens must be practical and durable, but that doesn’t mean they should be boring! Adding colour to your kitchen is a great way to refresh your space on a budget, whether painting, tiling, or accessorising with colourful kitchen décor. Discover the best kitchen paint colours in our guide to find a design that suits your home, whether you have a spacious or small kitchen.

Kitchen colour schemes

Choosing kitchen colours may seem daunting, with so many shades available. We’ve gathered the best combinations to help you get started, from green kitchen walls to light grey kitchen cabinets. Some of our favourite colour schemes for kitchens include: 

  • Soft grey is the ideal neutral colour for kitchens if you want to keep the design timeless yet modern, as it’s more muted than other monochrome shades like black or white

  • Pale yellow or mustard will warm up any kitchen and bring a subtle hint of colour to the space

  • Earthy reds, oranges, and pinks are another great way to introduce some colour to your kitchen, pairing well with warm neutrals

  • Muted greens like khaki and sage work well in modern rustic kitchens

  • Dark blue is an excellent alternative to black or grey in kitchens, adding depth and rich colour to the space

Kitchen wall colours

Painting your kitchen walls is one of the best ways to introduce a new shade into the space since it’s relatively quick, easy, and budget-friendly. Make a bold statement with terracotta red, khaki green, or dark blue kitchen walls, and keep your cabinets neutral for contrast. Choose a muted colour palette with pale yellow, sage green or soft grey kitchen walls for a pared-back look. 

To inject colour without overpowering the space, we recommend painting one wall in your chosen shade to create a feature wall, leaving the others white or neutral. Alternatively, tile the area behind your kitchen sink or hob for a subtle hint of colour. 

Discover more of our top kitchen ideas to learn how to use colour in your space, from zoning to painted shelving. 

Kitchen cupboard paint colours

Painting kitchen cabinets is another way to introduce colour, adding depth and interest to your space. Whether you want to keep the existing colour on the walls and paint the cabinets or are planning a full kitchen renovation, we have plenty of painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

Blue kitchen cabinets look great against neutral walls, whether sky blue or dark navy. Soft grey, warm beige, cream, and white are the best shades to pair with blue cabinets to bring warmth and light into the space. Similarly, sage green or khaki kitchen cabinets work well with neutral walls. 

If you prefer neutral colour schemes, light grey kitchen cabinets are a modern and timeless choice when paired with white walls. Similarly, pale yellow cabinets work well in cream kitchens, adding warmth for a cosy, country kitchen design. Whatever your preference, find shades you’ll love in the Dulux Easycare Kitchen range.

Kitchen wall décor and accessories

If you’re not ready to commit to colourful kitchen cabinets or walls, why not introduce colour with kitchen wall décor and accessories? From framed prints to painted shelves, plant pots, vases, rugs, and other soft furnishings, there are plenty of ways to bring your chosen colour scheme to life. 

The best paints for kitchens

Not sure what paint to use on kitchen cabinets, walls, and ceilings? Browse the range of Dulux kitchen paint to find the right products for your decorating project. Our Easycare range is the best paint for kitchen walls. It’s durable, washable, stain-resistant, and grease-proof to help your paintwork look great for longer. We also offer gloss, silk, eggshell, and satinwood paints, perfect for painting kitchen woodwork, including cabinets, doors, skirting, or trim. 

Explore Dulux’s full range of colours to find your perfect shade, then learn how to paint kitchen cupboards in our step-by-step guide. 

Kitchen colour hubs

Ready to start your kitchen transformation? Once you’ve settled on a colour palette, check out our kitchen colour hub pages to find the best ways to use each shade in your space. Whether you’ve chosen grey, green, or blue for your kitchen, we have plenty of inspiration: 

Intrigued to find out what your favourite shade looks like before you buy? Download the Dulux Visualizer app to instantly transform your space. Find more home décor ideas by following our socials.

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