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Making a positive impact on you, your home, communities and the planet

We’re on a mission to change the way we paint, so we’re ensuring we’re doing all we can to reduce the impact on the planet with innovative products and solutions. We build sustainability into everything we do, which will help make a positive difference to you, your home, your community and the wider world every time you paint.


With innovative paint solutions

We’re working hard to develop products that help to cut carbon emissions by reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in your decoration projects, as well as paints that protect surfaces for longer and paints that use renewable materials.

With a plan for zero-waste

From redistributing leftover paint to communities that need it, to launching a product created with recycled paint content, to trialling a Dulux Tester Takeback scheme, we’re committed to building a more circular decorating journey.

With Let’s Colour

Our wide-reaching programme, partnering with diverse charities such as Volunteer It Yourself and the Outward Bound Trust, benefits communities and transforms lives across the UK.

With digital tools

Our technological innovations are designed to help save you time and money, but they also reduce waste by keeping you from buying more paint than you need, such as our Paint Calculator or our room colour Visualizer app.

With long-lasting finishes

Choosing the right product and the most durable paint finish for the interior and exterior of your home will extend the life of your decorating project, so you won’t have to paint as often.

Our featured products

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