A universally favourite colour, the many shades of blue paint can evoke a variety of emotions when used in your home. Blue rooms are immediately calming and welcoming. Navy blue paint can bring a moody sophistication to rooms while other shades of dark blue can create a serene atmosphere. For tranquil vibes, light blue paint is a perfect choice, from duck egg hues with soft undertones, to peaceful sea shades. Easily combined with other colours, blue walls can be dynamic features or a beautiful accent to a variety of palettes. Unsure where to start? With our blue decor and decorating ideas, tips and FAQs, we can help you find your perfect blue

Blue Kitchens

Find your blue colour kitchen inspiration with our tips, articles and products

Blue Living Rooms

With our blue living room ideas, helpful FAQs and tips, you're sure to find inspiration


Blue Bedrooms

Whatever your style, find inspiration with our blue bedroom ideas, articles and helpful tips


Blue Bathrooms

With our blue bathroom ideas, helpful FAQs and tips, you're sure to find inspiration


Blue Hallways

Discover your blue hallway inspiration and decorating ideas with our tips, articles and FAQs

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