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Blue Paint Inspiration

From the sky to the ocean, we're surrounded by blue just about everywhere we go. Bring a touch of this wonderful nature to your home with a beautiful blue colour scheme. Unsure where to start? Explore our blue paint inspiration page, with ideas, tips and FAQs for every room in your home.

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Whether you're looking for blue painting ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom, let us help you find the perfect shade of blue. With so many shades to choose from, the sky - or is it the sea? - is well and truly the limit! The colour blue pairs perfectly with a wide range of other colours too - we'll show you how to make blue work alongside other colour palettes for a beautiful and harmonious colour scheme.

Blue Colour Shades

A favourite colour around the world, and particularly associated with gorgeous Grecian villages, charming Chinese ceramics and the finest French country homes, the many different shades of blue paint can evoke a variety of emotions and transport you to faraway lands when used in your home. From navy and teal to turquoise and duck egg, which type of blue will you choose

Dark Blues

Navy blue paint can bring a moody sophistication to rooms, while other shades of dark blue paint can create a serene atmosphere when used both in abundance and in moderation. Try teal paint for ocean hues that bring an air of relaxation to your home, no matter how far from the sea you live. Paint all four walls dark blue, paint a feature wall, or use it as a rich accent colour for a stroke of drama.

Light Blues

For an air of tranquillity, light blue paint is a perfect choice and is particularly popular in bathrooms and kitchens thanks to its bright and breezy nature. From duck egg blue paint with soft undertones to peaceful baby blue shades, there's a hue to suit every taste. For a pale blue with added vibrancy, turquoise paint is a wonderful option for any room.

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Blue Room Ideas

Blue rooms are immediately calming and welcoming, no matter which type of blue you choose and which room you decide to use it in. From bedrooms and bathrooms that are painted entirely blue to living rooms and hallways featuring blue accents and feature walls, explore our wide range of blue room ideas for all the inspiration you need.

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Lets Colour Podcast #5: The Blue Colour Palette

Looking for even more inspiration? Listen to our blue colour palette podcast to learn how soothing shades of blue can ease migraines, how to pair your blue paint palette with other colours for the best possible effect, and how lighting - both natural and artificial - can affect the look of paint colours in your home.

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