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Bathroom colour inspiration

Picking bathroom colours can be tricky, with so many shades to choose from. Our guide is here to help you narrow down your options and find a colour scheme to suit your space. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation and need bathroom paint ideas or want to inject colour with eye-catching bathroom décor, these are some of the best shades to try. 

Bathroom colour schemes

When it comes to bathroom colour schemes, there’s no right or wrong combination. Your design can be as bold or subtle as you like, but it should reflect the rest of your home interior, whether you prefer a modern or traditional style. Some of the top bathroom colour ideas include: 

  • Water-like hues of blue and green are popular in bathrooms, creating a calming effect that evokes nature

  • Monochrome shades like white, grey and black are perfect in modern bathrooms, giving a clean appearance

  • Soft neutrals and earthy tones like beige, cream, terracotta and brown are ideal for traditional bathrooms

  • Pastel shades like yellow, pink and green add a subtle wash of colour to your space and pair well with neutrals


Discover more bathroom colour scheme ideas in our dedicated guide, or read on to find out how to add colour to your bathroom.

Bathroom wall colours

There are several ways to use colour on your bathroom walls, and each creates a different effect. If you’ve chosen a colour scheme with a brighter shade, like yellow, pink, blue or green, you might prefer a bathroom feature wall to avoid overpowering the space. Paint one wall in your chosen shade and keep the other walls neutral. 

Alternatively, if you’ve opted for white or grey bathroom designs, you could paint all the walls in one shade for a clean, monochrome look. Don’t be afraid of embracing the darkness if you’ve chosen charcoal grey, navy blue or black bathroom designs, as these shades give your space a cosy, luxurious feel when used on all four walls.

Bathroom tile colours

Bathroom tiles work best in wet zones, including the shower, bath, or behind the sink. In neutral bathrooms, they add texture to your space, even if they’re the same shade as your walls. Want to switch up the colour of your existing tiles? Painting bathroom tiles is an easy and affordable way to refresh the room. 

One of the best bathroom tile ideas is to create tiled feature walls instead of using paint. For example, if you’ve chosen a bathroom colour scheme with a brighter hue like blue, green, terracotta or pink, tiles can incorporate this shade into your design. Printed tiles add interest and can tie your bathroom colour scheme together, especially when working with multiple shades. 

In traditional homes, half-wall panelling is a great alternative to tiles, adding depth to the space. Painting bathroom wall panels is a great way to revive your existing design, transforming them into an eye-catching feature. We recommend wall panelling for dry zones to avoid damaging the wood and tiling wet zones. 

Bathroom accessory colours

Not ready to commit to painting or tiling your bathroom in a bolder shade? Introduce colour with bathroom accessories, whether towels, bath mats, vases, soap dishes or wall art. Before purchasing bathroom accessories, identify your preferred colour scheme and stick to it to keep the space coherent.

The best paint for bathrooms

Wondering what paint to use in the bathroom? Dulux bathroom paint withstands general wear and moisture, helping your interior walls look great for longer. Our Easycare range is perfect for bathrooms, with specialist formulations designed to resist staining, scuffs, and mould. 

Choose from matt, soft sheen, silk, satinwood, eggshell and gloss finishes to suit your preference. Then, explore the range of colours to find your perfect shade. We also offer quick dry and non-drip formulas for convenience when painting. 

Want to give your tiles a refresh? Check out Dulux’s range of tile paint, which is hardwearing, quick-drying and moisture-resistant. Other paints aren’t designed for tiles, which may lead to a low-quality finish or cause damage, including cracking, peeling and chipping. 

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