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Colour Know How - Neutral bedroom ideas using cool tones

After a hectic day, your bedroom is the sanctuary where you can relax and get a good night’s rest. In fact, we spend around a third of our lives asleep so it’s worth investing in a restful space that encourages a restorative sleep.   

Decorating your bedroom in cool neutrals establishes a feeling of calm and serenity, helping to create a relaxing environment. Plus, these shades beautifully accentuate grey furniture – a particularly popular colour choice in bedrooms.

Read on to discover how to bring Dulux cool neutrals into your bedroom as we share four gorgeously different neutral bedroom ideas. 

1. A touch of pale blue

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If you think that a grey and blue bedroom runs the risk of looking clinical, then think again. Broken up with subtly different pale greys and accompanied by warmer shades like pink, orange and yellow, a grey and blue bedroom can create a calm but cosy aesthetic.

Mineral Mist is a wispy blue hue. It has subtle purple undertones in low light and, for this reason, it pairs easily with the warmer pink shades in this bedroom space. As the shade is quite cool, adding some soft textures via a thick rug and soft woollen blanket will further help to cosy up the space.

If your room is blessed with particularly bright light, opting for a blue that is a touch more robust like First Dawn paint will work better for you. Although very similar blues, this one packs a little more punch, allowing it to hold its own in harsh sunlight. 

Goose Down is an airy and elegant grey that is wonderfully versatile. It marries naturally with Dulux Mineral Mist as both sit somewhere between grey and blue on the colour spectrum. Both shades are available in the Dulux Simply Refresh formula which means one coat is all you need. 

2. Incorporating greige

Create a statement wall

For walls that go well with grey furniture, look no further than a rich greige (that’s a grey beige) like Cocoa Powder. If you have a lot of pale furniture and furnishings in white or light grey shades, a bold, contrasting paint colour like this sumptuous greige is a stunning choice.

In this bedroom, the shade is used to create a feature wall which balances beautifully with the crisp white skirting boards and Caramel Latte used on the remaining walls. Painting the wardrobe in Raven Plume, a rich navy, helps to pull the palette back towards the cool end of the neutral spectrum.

All three of these wall colours are available in Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough, our pet and children-proof formula which is 20 times tougher than standard Dulux paint. Whatever your little ones throw at it, this paint can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth and a little soap. 


3. Add some soft beige

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The colour beige is finding its wings once again and we couldn’t be more delighted. The shade has had some bad press over the years. In the 90s, many homeowners got beige fatigue after going a little overboard with the colour trend and decking out whole rooms in 50 shades of beige.

Today, beige is back in vogue and used sparingly, it’s anything but drab and dreary. A soft, creamy paint shade like Jurassic Stone is warm yet bright, a perfect alternative to bright white.

The slate-toned mid-grey of Urban Obsession makes for a stunning contrast. Using a strong grey as an impactful pop of colour is a marvellous way to bring interest to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

Try the Dulux Visualiser App to see the impact some soft beige could have in your bedroom.  

4. A splash of off white

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Pure white works in some spaces, but adding even the faintest splash of another colour helps to bring warmth and added interest to the shade. We have an extensive range of off white paint colours, but Nordic Bliss is a standout favourite.

It’s similar to Polished Pebble paint, one of our most popular off whites, however, it’s subtly but perceptively warmer. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this paint colour is both crisp and cosy. It sits harmoniously with natural textures like the pine and sheepskin in this bedroom.

With so many Dulux shades to play with, using cool neutrals to create a restful bedroom space has never been more exciting. From the gentle blue of Dulux Mineral Mist to the luxurious brown of Dulux Cocoa Powder, there’s a cool neutral shade for everyone. Plus, with infinite ways to add interest to your neutral bedroom with a pop of colour, neutral certainly does not mean boring.

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