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Colour Know-How: Revive the senses with green

Want to feel refreshed and revived? Try a shade of green.


Have you ever felt instantly revitalised after running barefoot on wet grass, or felt serene in the presence of towering trees? Research has shown that connecting to the living world around us, whether it’s a forest hike or a brief stroll, creates an instant sense of wellbeing.

If you want to bring the outdoors into your home, try combining shades of green which work perfectly with earthy hues like mustard yellows, rich neutrals and robust greys and even pops of pink or teal. Bold, vibrant shades of green like emerald, apple and teal will energise and awaken the senses, while muted greens like olive, sage and celery will soothe and calm.

With so many different shades of green to choose from, how do you find the right one for your particular room? Well it all depends on the mood you want to create. Take a look at our favoute green decor ideas.


Fresh Green Paint Colours


If you want a bedroom that will boost your mood and makes you spring out of bed in the morning then opt for a fresh green such as Melon Sorbet or Kiwi Burst 4 which will have you bursting with energy! You also don't need a lot to make a big difference. You could create a colour block on a wall to zone an area of the room that you want to be the focal point. Try adding in a contrasting colour such as lavender to really make it feel like you've woken up in a beautiful outdoor garden.


Pastel Green Paint Colours


Pastel green paint colours are tranquil and soothing, pefect for a little one's nursery. Colours such as Willow Tree or Nordic Spa will melt the walls away, reducing visual noise whilst making the room feel light, bright and airy. Combined with crisp white furniture, the space feels clean and like a breath of fresh air. The great thing about green is that it works so well with every colour, just like within nature. So this allows you to add pops of any other shades that you love within your accessories. Pinks, teals, yellows will all look fabulous in a pastel green room.


Emerald Green Paint Colours


Deep jewel tone greens add an instant feeling of glam to any room. If you have a living room or dining room that you use for entertaining then colours such as Emerald Glade or Fortune Green should be your go to shades. A wow colour like Emerald Glade on the wall speaks for itself so allow it to shine by keeping the walls free from artwork but instead add in pops of contrasting shades like hot pink or brass to accentuate its jewel like shine. Deep greens create a moody and atmospheric vibe to a room so if you want your space to feel extra cosy but also super stylish and on trend, then this is the shade for you.


Sage Green Paint Colours


Sage green is a key colour trend for 2020. Through fashion and interiors it's a colour that is going to dominate our wardrobes and our walls! This versatile shade works beautifully with warm neutrals, teals and tonal shades of green. It has a slightly grey tone to it making it muted and calm, perfect for bedrooms or a space to relax after a long day. Colours such as Fragrant Herb and Storm Day will help you create a space to reduce your stress in these chaotic and busy times. 


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