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Kids’ Bedrooms: How to Create a Jungle-Themed Bedroom

Every kid wants to go on an adventure – that’s why the jungle is so appealing. And travelling, even if just in the mind, is great for kids, as it encourages creativity. Nature lovers and explorers alike will find plenty of adventure in this jungle-inspired bedroom scheme.

Bursting with vitality and lush greens, this scheme is sure to help them grow and discover their full potential through play. Besides, who wouldn’t want to wake up in an Amazonian rainforest every morning?

Watch the video below and then use this animal-themed bedroom step-by-step guide to create a rainforest backdrop fit for your king or queen of the jungle.

Kids’ Jungle Bedroom

You Will Need

Looking for jungle bedroom ideas? Follow our simple steps to create an exciting space for your little ones.

Jungle equipment


You will need:

Tools and accessories

  • 2 x rolls of low tack decorators tape ‒ ‘Frog Tape’ is best
  • 1 x roll of regular masking tape
  • 4 x small Dulux roller and roller tray sets
  • 1 x Dulux 2” brush
  • 1 x Dulux 3” emulsion brush
  • Tape measure
  • Coloured chalk (we recommend children’s coloured chalks, as they stain less)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Dust sheets
  • Small stepladder – preferably one that has a grab handle

Step-By-Step Guide

Step one: Paint your chosen base colour and allow it to dry.

Step two: Measure and mark three horizon points on either side of the wall using chalk.

Step three: Cut two pieces of lining paper the length of the wall and tear them both into two horizontally. This creates a torn edge with a wavy line.

Step four: Line up the torn edge with the top horizon mark (keeping the untorn edge uppermost) and then fix it into place using masking tape (you will use the torn edge as the first distant jungle horizon).

Jungle how 2

Step five: Use a small paint roller to run over the torn edge and paint down the wall to just beyond the next horizon line. Allow to dry.

Step six: Once the wall is dry, use a new piece of torn paper with a different shaped edge to create the next horizon in the mid-tone colour. Repeat this to the floor with the deepest shade.

Step seven: Finally, just add monkeys, elephants, parrots and any of your favourite jungle animals to complete the look.

Jungle how 3

Expert Tips

1. Use 1000 grade lining paper and tear it towards you when you make your jungle-scape.

2. Make the farthest horizon look the busiest in shape and create a smoother line for the darkest horizon closest to you.

3. Draw the roller down over the edge of the torn paper, so you don’t get paint creeping underneath.

Jungle Shopping List

Finishing Touches

Give your little monkey’s bedroom the jungle VIP look with these finishing touches.

  • Bunk bed – Ikea
  • Bed linen – H&M Home
  • Monkey – Hamleys
  • Leaf canopy – Ikea
  • Binoculars – Amazon
  • Bug cushion – H&M Home
  • Gorilla – Harrods
  • Hippo – Hamleys
  • Elephant – Ikea
  • Rug – Ikea
  • Slippers – John Lewis
  • Chest of drawers – Ercol
  • Table lamp – Habitat
  • Books – stylist's own
  • Toy animals – Hamleys
  • Frames – Ikea
  • Plant – Ikea

We hope we’ve inspired you with our safari bedroom ideas. For more DIY tips and advice, check out the rest of our kids’ bedroom decorating blogs.  

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