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green bedroom ideas for a peaceful space

Green bedroom ideas for a peaceful space

When considering a green bedroom design, it’s often tricky to know how green to go. While botanical shades of green are usually found in the garden, they’re also hues that bring a sense of tranquillity to the home, making green the perfect colour for a peaceful bedroom transformation.


The naturally calming qualities in shades of green are proven to help you get a good night’s sleep, by providing a relaxing space to catch your zees. And with a variety of shades of green bedroom paint to choose from, there’s a colour option for every style and taste.

Green bedroom décor ideas  

There are a number of ways you can incorporate shades of green in a bedroom to make it the sanctuary you deserve. Read on for five green bedroom ideas.

1.      Colour block with contrasting lighter colours 

green bedroom

Consider getting creative with your green bedroom paint. By incorporating a green feature wall into the room, you leave the remaining walls open for paler and less vibrant shades, to balance out the zesty green. Try painted effects like colour blocking, ombre or stencil a pattern onto the wall for an eye-catching effect.

2.      Go bold with a two-tone green wall 

two tone green wall

For a modern design approach, consider a two-tone wall in contrasting shades of green. A hard line between the two shades can make the room feel bigger and the ceilings higher, as the eye is drawn towards the lighter shade on the upper section of the walls.

3. For a subtle approach, try a lighter green wall 

light green wall

If you’re testing the waters with hints of colour, consider a very pale and neutral green bedroom paint like Nordic Spa. Lighter shades are naturally easier to pair with furniture and finishing touches and are a nice way to start bringing more colour into the home. Pale green tones are complemented perfectly by warm wooden tones and deep earthy colours.

4. Look to mint green for a bright and colourful space 

mint green room

For a fun-filled space, try a hint of mint. The pastel shade is a favourite for children as it is the perfect balance between calming and relaxing, and bright and happy. Team mint paint like Mint Macaroon with pops of brighter shades of green for a playful child's green bedroom.

5. Contrast dark green with grey for a dramatic finish 

dark green wall

For a room with plenty of character, try a darker shade of forest green like Enchanted Eden paired with a slate grey like Gallant Grey. The colours combined create a dramatic finish that can be paired with metallic or glass touches for a luxurious feel. For something more rustic, consider soft furnishing with floral or gingham patterns for an English cottage feel.

Top tips for designing a green painted bedroom

Decide on the mood you want to create

Think about the atmosphere you want in the room. Are you looking for calmness and serenity or fun and playfulness? Knowing the mood you want to create in the room will help when designing the space.

Don’t forget about the light

Paint test swatches on all the walls so you can be sure the colour and shade will work in all lighting situations, including from your overhead light fixtures. Consider how the different light sources will interact with your paint to ensure you end up with the right colour for all times of day.

Consider your furniture

Wooden furniture against green bedroom walls gives a country feel to a modern space, while an emerald green bedroom with touches of gold can create a feeling of luxury and opulence. If you’re wanting something more dramatic, go for darker woods or metallics, while reclaimed woods and painted furniture will create a rustic look.

Use a durable paint so that the freshness lasts longer

Use a green bedroom paint that is durable and long-lasting. Choose from the Easycare range to ensure your paint job is hardy and long-wearing, to keep your bedroom looking fresher for longer.

Ensure it’s true to your style

Be confident that your chosen green bedroom decor idea is true to your own personal style, as you will have to sleep in it! Remember, green is not just for the garden. There are shades of green wall paint for every style and taste.

If you’re looking for more green bedroom ideas, visit our green bedroom hub for more inspiration on how to incorporate green into your bedroom.

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