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Home office colour ideas

Want to turn a drab home office into a peaceful and inspiring space? Boost your productivity and calm your stress with home office décor that starts with thoughtful paint choices.

Home offices might be functional, but you should take as much pride in your office as every other room in your home. Discover colour ideas and inspiration to turn your home office into a room you love spending time in.

The best home office colours

Decorate your home office with a colour that boosts your mood and sets you up for productive days. Whether you want to stimulate your creativity in a brightly coloured study or create a calming workspace, explore our home office inspiration for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favourite colours to use in your home office:

  • Blue home office ideas. Blue is a timeless and sophisticated choice, no matter the shade. Navy sets an elegant tone, while airy blues lift your mood and welcome light.
  • Green home office ideas. Create a feeling of calm with nature-inspired green, from hues like fresh sage to rich mossy tones.
  • Pink home office ideas. Spark your imagination with bright blush pinks, or turn to more muted shades for a light, warm office space.
  • Black home office ideas. From deep blacks to dark greys, add depth and drama to your home office with striking black walls.
  • Neutral home office ideas. Beige and cream are perfect for a cosy home office that lacks natural light.

Small home office colour ideas

If you don’t have much space, avoid darker colours that could make a small home office feel gloomy. Instead, focus on lighter hues like white and neutrals that welcome light. Whether you prefer warm or cool tones, learn how to get white right in our expert guide. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for colour, bright shades might feel overwhelming or distracting in a small space. Create a pale green study space that energises your mind in a relaxed and soothing environment.

Home office colour schemes

Home offices need to be functional, but who said you can’t express your personality in your study? Whether you want to turn your home office into a creative hub or a chic and modern space, your colour scheme can shape what you want from this room. Some of the top home office colour schemes include:

  • Deep and dark tones. Navy, burgundy and forest green make classic home office colours. They’re perfect backdrops for artwork or wall hangings and work well with furniture and fittings of any colour. If you want to really indulge in a dark office space, a black home office is a chic and modern way to work from home.
  • Warm neutrals. Create a warm neutral home office with earthy beige, camel and taupe shades that make your workspace more inviting. Embrace soothing neutrals that make your office feel calm and boost your concentration. 
  • Subtle colour pops. Let your office reflect your creativity with a flow wall. If you want to introduce more colour into your office without going too bold, incorporate a vibrant shade into a flow wall or blend two of your favourite neutrals for an eye-catching, contemporary twist.

The best paint for home offices

Planning to give your home office a new lease of life? Choosing high-quality paint is a great place to start. Discover the best paint for home offices in our interior paint collection. Our paints are available in a range of finishes, including matt, satin and silk, to help you bring your vision to life.

From sunny yellows to serene greens and blues, explore our colours to create a perfectly cohesive palette for your home office. Once you’ve chosen a shade and finish, our paint calculator is here to help you work out how much paint you need.

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