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Bedroom Feature Wall Paint Ideas for All Décor Styles

While it’s one of the rooms you may spend the most time in, bedrooms are often neglected in favour of communal spaces when it comes to interiors tweaks. But your bedroom deserves some TLC, and what better way to give it a new lease of life than with a feature wall.

So from chic contemporary influences to rustic touches, read on for paint and colour ideas for your bedroom feature wall to help you transform your bedroom into a serene and dreamy space. 


#1 Darker drift

While calming colours are typically associated with lighter hues, this certainly isn’t always the case. Darker shades with cool undertones, like Vast Lake and Storm Clearing, can transform a space into a cosy cocooned sanctuary.

Alternatively, warm up a wall in your bedroom with a dark caramel hue such as Spiced Honey and complete the look with soft neutral furnishings like throws and shaggy rugs.

Add character and depth

For smaller areas, pick the wall opposite or next to your bed for added width. With larger rooms, adding the pop of colour behind your bed is ideal for creating an impactful feature wall.

#2 Natural hues

To create the perfect rustic or boho feel, opt for bedroom feature wall colours in natural, earthy tones.

Warm up your space

Warm hues instantly make a bedroom super-cosy and comforting, so if your guest room gets plenty of use it’s worth sprucing it up with a welcoming colour.

Shades such as Caramel Cream or the buttery-brown Muddy Puddle are ideal picks for rooms with low ceilings. This is because, when paired with a colour like Absolute White, it can add depth and height to a room. 

#3 Splitting image

Give your space a modern edge by painting a split feature wall. It’s an effortlessly stylish way to incorporate bolder colours into your bedroom without it looking brash.

Create interest with a split scene

Cool-toned blue and purple hues work well as they make compact spaces appear far larger. Choose complementary shades like Frosted Lake and Blueberry White, paired with a contrasting bold stripe in a warmer colour such as Muted Gold.

For larger rooms, try sizzling selections like Ruby Starlet and Roasted Red for the striking stripe. Use it between neutral or darker colours, such as a Polished Pebble and Natural Slate for a grey feature wall in the bedroom.

#4 Stunning stripes

If you’re looking to add more character to a bedroom, try a feature wall made up of sleek stripes. Go one step further, though, and separate your chosen colours with an extra contrasting shade.

Use stripes to create interest

To nail this look, take two contrasting shades that complement each other such as a deep-blue like Sapphire Salute and a rich green like Buckingham, then add a thin neutral stripe to separate the two in Pure Brilliant White. Your stripes can be as narrow or as wide as you like depending on the effect you want to achieve. Ideal for teen bedrooms, try this on the wall behind their bed for a makeover they’ll love.

#5 Colour blocks

It’s time to experiment with colour blocking and add a splash of fun to your bedroom walls.

Colour blocks to make your walls pop

Whether you’re working with plain or panelled walls, you can be as playful as possible when it comes to colour blocking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes- think bold geometric angles, big circles or uniform squares. Introduce vibrant pops of colour like Berry Smoothie on the backdrop of Sweet Pink for a statement feature wall in a children’s room or add blocks of robust hues like Salsa Red on your walls to add some oomph to your space.

#6 Be bold

There’s no room to be a wallflower when you’re working this look into a space.

Big, bold colours that make a statement

Don’t rule out bold hues in small rooms – they can be super impactful and can even make the space feel bigger. Spice up your bedroom with feature wall colours in delectable tones like Deep Aubergine or Teal Tension to give it an energetic lift. Keep furnishings sleek and simple to balance out the effect.

#7 Detailed design

If your bedroom lacks a focal point, add interest and focus with detailed design and really make something of your space.

Elements of design 

Adding an arch or sunbeam-style semi-circles is an excellent way to create an understated feature wall, particularly when you choose neutral paint colours. You could use this technique to highlight a study space or a getting-ready zone, or you could place a bold print or mirror within the arch to make the area pop.

For your colour choices, choose two subtle variations of the same shade, like Dusted Cappuccino and Natural Wicker. Find out how to create the look in our tutorial below. For the sunbeam, choose the gorgeously-warm Tuscan Terracotta.

Watch the video

If these bedroom feature wall painting ideas have got you feeling eager to make over more rooms in your house, check out these tips to give your other walls the wow-factor.

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