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Dr Dulux: Shared Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas to Create Space and Enhance Ownership

If you have a relatively small living space, a shared kids’ bedroom is a great way to save a bit of room in the home. Not only this, but a shared bedroom also encourages children to bond, be patient, and learn to share. When creating a shared room, it’s important for your little ones to be able to retain a sense of independence and have their own personal space.

But how do you do this effectively? In this article, we’ll take you through our kids’ shared bedroom ideas to help you design a suitable space for your children. From different accessories to separate colour schemes, discover all sorts of clever ideas to split a shared bedroom. 

How Do I Arrange a Small Bedroom for Two Kids? 

The secret to putting together a shared bedroom is to make everything as fair as possible. It’s important to make the room bright, light and fun so that your kids will enjoy spending time in it. It’s equally important to have separate personalised spaces within the room to create a sense of belonging. 

How to Divide a Shared Kids’ Room

Q. My children share a room – how can I divide a kids’ bedroom and give each child their own space?

A. We all know that children aren’t the biggest fans of sharing, let alone sharing a bedroom with their siblings. If you have a kids’ bedroom that’s on double duty and needs dividing (quickly!), Dr Dulux is here to help. We’ve got clever and easy-to-achieve kids’ shared bedroom ideas, like the one below, to help you make the most of the space.

How about creating a colourful divider to give each child their own distinct area – and you some much-needed peace? We used diagonal stripes to divide and conquer this shared kids’ bedroom, and here’s how you can, too, with our kids’ room divider ideas. 

Choose two kids’ bedroom colour schemes

Before you start painting, you need to choose two separate colour palettes that will help set apart each side of the room. These could be your children’s favourite colours or shades that show off their individuality. Whichever colours you pick for your kids’ bedroom, make sure they offer a definite contrast.

For example, we chose Overtly Olive and Soft Peach with Rock Salt as the base colour. This will highlight the uniqueness of the different sections of the room and help your kids identify with their own space. They’ll feel right at home in no time! 

overtly olive kids bedroom stripes

Need help choosing the right colours for a shared kids’ bedroom? Download the Dulux Visualizer app to see how different shades look on your walls. Simply upload pictures of the room and select your hues to watch them transform the space – it couldn’t be easier. 

Paint wall stripes

There are lots of bedroom divider ideas for kids you can try. We’ve gone for colourful diagonal stripes! The dynamic lines meet at the ceiling and draw the eye upwards to make your kids’ bedroom feel bigger. You may think a diagonal striped wall is more difficult to achieve compared to a horizontal striped wall, but they follow the same simple steps. Just remember to paint each set of stripes in the two contrasting colours to separate both areas.

You can learn how to paint stripes by watching our video guide: 

Use an accent colour 

If your kids have a similar favourite colour, you could incorporate this into their shared bedroom as an accent colour. For example, you could use a bright yellow, like Vanilla Sundae, to paint the room’s trims, or even a door. Not only is yellow a timeless colour that your kids won’t grow out of, but it will also brighten up the entire room and add character to the space. Yellow is typically associated with warmth, positivity and happiness – the perfect hue for a kids’ shared bedroom! 

Accessorise in similar tones

After you’ve finished painting, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Your kids’ bedroom décor and soft furnishings should mirror the colour schemes you’ve chosen for both sides of the room. You could use personalised prints or cushions to enhance each kids’ identity and ownership of their cool, new space.

soft peach kids bedroom stripes

Split bedroom ideas


When it comes to separating space in a kids’ shared bedroom, furniture can be very handy. For example, consider placing a bookshelf or a toy box between the two beds to create more personal space for each child.

Personalise the space

Include lots of personalised items in your kids’ shared bedroom to avoid arguments around whose things are whose. From wall art to painted signs above the beds, there’s an endless list of personalised treasures you could dot around the room.

How do you maximise space in a shared bedroom?

If you have enough space, place the beds at opposite sides of the room to reinforce separateness. If you’re short on room, you could install bunk beds to free up more floor space for your little ones.


We hope we’ve inspired you to design a shared bedroom that your kids will love. Check out our colour range to get started today.  

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