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Green Paint Inspiration

The colour of nature, green paint is a wonderful way to bring the great outdoors in and provide spaces with a refreshing balance and sense of vitality. Whatever your style and whichever room you're looking to make over, there's a Dulux green paint for you.

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With so many gorgeous green paint colours to choose from, where should you start? We're here to help you narrow it down, with green colour scheme ideas for every room in the home and advice on how to pair your chosen shade of green with a wide range of other colour palettes for a match made in heaven. That's the wonderful thing about green - it goes well with almost every other colour. You only have to look out into your garden to see just how true that is. Explore our range of green paint and our green room ideas for inspiration, tips and FAQs to get you started.

Green Colour Shades

Whether it's a squeeze of zingy lime or a splash of vintage sage green paint, the many different shades of green can add a bold and bright pop of colour or create a soothing and serene feel in any room in your home. Which shade will you choose? Don't be afraid to mix and match, as shades of light and dark green work in perfect harmony with one another, just like they do in the countryside!

Dark Greens

Dark green paint, whether that's forest green hues that transport you to the countryside or emerald green paint for a touch of well-deserved luxury, can bring drama to any space. Accents of jade and turquoise lend an aquatic feel that blurs the lines between land and sea, striking the perfect balance when it comes to connecting with nature in your home. 

Light Greens

Light green paint can make a room feel incredibly peaceful, like a tranquil meadow in the middle of spring. Muted olive green paint is ideal as a serene backdrop for wooden furniture and white accents, or use mint green paint to freshen up a room and add a light and bright quality.

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Green Room Ideas

Green rooms (not the kind you find at a TV studio or theatre!) are effortlessly calming and refreshing, yet at the same time they're thoroughly invigorating, which means that no matter what shade of green paint you choose, you get the best of both worlds. Explore our green room ideas to find all the inspiration you need to give your home a new lease of life.

Lets Colour Podcast #2: The Green Colour Palette

Lets Colour Podcast #2: The Green Colour Palette

Ready for even more inspiration? Listen to our green colour palette podcast for green room design inspiration and a deep dive into the psychology of colour with Applied Colour Psychologist and author Karen Haller. Plus you'll get tips on how to choose exterior house paint to freshen up the outside of your home.

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