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Tips for Decorating an Olive Green Bedroom

Looking to transform your bedroom with olive green but don't know where to start? Discover our expert tips and guidance to inspire your stylish design. 

Soothing yet uplifting, olive green is the perfect colour for a bedroom. From olive green bedroom walls to olive green accessories, there are a range of ways to bring this tranquil tone into your home.

Olive green is best described as green with a hint of yellow or brown, much like the colour of a green olive, as the name would suggest. It is the traditional colour of peace, and looking at the images below, you can see that the colour certainly does evoke a feeling of peacefulness in a bedroom. It’s a versatile shade and looks sophisticated alongside neutrals like beige and grey, as well as other muted tones like lavender and cool turquoise.

This serene shade of green has the ability to make a room feel bigger and brighter and brings the beauty of the outdoors in. It also has a timeless appeal and works all year round, so you won’t have to change your decorating scheme season after season.

Read on for tips on decorating an olive green bedroom.

Olive green bedroom ideas to inspire you 


1. Try olive green walls

dulux tips olive green walls

Blue can look incredibly sophisticated when paired with dark wooden furniture. Choose a mid-tone blue paint for the walls, add a dark brown vanity unit and mirror and contrast the rich dark tones with white tiles to add brightness to your bathroom.

2. Opt for olive green and grey décor 

dulux tips olive green grey decor

Olive green and grey are an ideal colour combination in your bedroom, especially when the energising quality of fresh olive green is balanced with the calming nature of a cool grey. Start with grey neutral walls, using Cornflower White, and add a colour block of fresh olive green such as Melon Sorbet to create a focal point. Use other shades of grey around the room to add warmth and introduce wooden accents to keep the natural intentions of olive green alive. 

3. Contrast light and dark tones of olive green 

dulux tips olive green contrast dark light tones

The split wall effect is a stylish and contemporary way to decorate with olive green, whilst also creating the illusion of a bigger bedroom. Choose two complementary hues like Overtly Olive and Nutmeg White, and paint the upper section in the lighter shade to make your bedroom appear larger. Paint a dividing line in a rich brown like Chocolate Fountain. Accessorise with fabrics in similar tones, adding cushions and throws in a variety of fabrics to create a cosy and inviting feel.

4. Complement olive green with subtle shades of blue

dulux tips olive green subtle shades of blue

Olive green works harmoniously with other muted colours, especially those that are also inspired by nature. To achieve this contemporary olive green and blue bedroom, paint walls and woodwork in the same warm shade of olive green, like Crushed Aloe. Add cool turquoise accents in the form of throws, and give the look added depth by introducing a few dark, even black, accessories like photo frames, candle holders or a bedside chair.

5. Create romance with darker shades

dulux tips olive green bedroom darker shades

If olive green walls aren’t for you, consider incorporating the colour into your bedroom in the form of accents instead. As with pale blue, olive green also works well with lavender hues, so start by painting your walls in the beautiful and delicate Soft Montelimar 4. Add dark wood furniture for a sophisticated contrast, then start to introduce olive green details. Think luxurious cotton bedding, heavy knitted throws, and even vases or other glassworks with a hint of green. For a fully coherent look, consider painting the hallway outside of your bedroom with olive green paint so that it can be seen from your bedroom door.

Explore our green bedroom hub for more inspiration and advice on bringing different shades of green into your sleeping quarters.

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