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White & Cream Bedroom Ideas

Create a cosy haven by layering luxurious creams with pearly whites. Our cream bedroom ideas are perfect for softening modern white bedrooms. Discover more with Dulux.

Treat yourself to lashings of cream for decadent bedroom designs.

Just thinking about the word ‘cream’ conjures a sense of decadence, so imagine what it can do for your bedroom? As a topping for modern white bedrooms, cream enhances natural light and softens your space into a soothing sanctuary. It’s easy on the eye and oh so elegant, while offering a timeless and practical appeal that changes as you do. Neutral doesn’t have to mean dull, either. With interesting textures and harmonious hues, a cream and white bedroom is nothing but pure indulgence.


Creme bedroom colour schemes


Although cream is a neutral, the tones you choose can transform your bedroom with different moods. Deep yellow undertones in true cream bring warmth and cosiness to a modern white bedroom. Creamy beiges exude elegance and pair beautifully with earthy shades for relaxation. For an airy feel that enhances space, creamy whites deliver the look without the clinical feel of an all-white backdrop.


Whichever tone you choose, cream bedroom ideas are easily partnered with other colours to achieve tranquil combinations to suit your personality. For example, hints of dusty pink or black accents tip the scheme towards the feminine or masculine. If you love the sophistication of grey, layering creams within the design throws warmth to achieve balance. As a base, a cream and white bedroom always acts as a blank canvas to switch it up with colour when it’s time for a change.


Forever fresh


A modern white bedroom is bright and refreshing in the morning and instantly calming by night. To make the most of natural light and ensure that touch of warmth, slather your walls in barely-there shades like Timeless or Vanilla Mist 1. With the sun streaming in, creamy whites light up to enhance that fresh feeling that helps you leap out of bed.


To introduce the airy, revitalising feeling of spring, combine creamy white walls with bright white bedding and furniture. Whether it’s a bunch of flowers decorating a bedside table, ornaments on a white chest of drawers or artwork, add pops of pretty pastels for extra cheeriness. Then, create depth with the soothing textures of plush rugs or throws in darker neutrals.


Soothing shades



Cream and white bedroom ideas don’t have to focus on pale shades alone. For a soothing cocoon with the sophistication and earthiness that comes with depth, paint a darker feature wall in a creamy beige, like Gentle Fawn or Natural Hessian. Pair this with a lighter cream and white for the ceiling and trim. To tie it all together, use accents from each shade for bedding, artwork and accessories.

For a modern edge, introduce black to the design with an eye-catching headboard, a statement lamp or plush cushions. Or, add black paint as an accent around a window or door frame. If it’s an earthy appeal you want to enhance, creamy beiges partner beautifully with natural wooden floorboards and furniture, with splashes of bright white for balance.


Small saviours



When you’re decorating a room that’s small or features walls with unusual angles, a cream bedroom reflects natural light and gives the illusion of more space. You’re not limited when it comes to a neutral colour scheme either, so pick tones that tie in with the flooring or fixtures in the room. Sticking with one shade helps to even out the proportions of a room and creates harmonious flow.

However, for variation in colour and features that take the focus away from size, paint the window frames, skirting or door trims in different tones. For example, use a pale Natural Calico or Boutique Cream for the larger wall area and paint a darker stripe along the bottom edge. To enhance the appearance of height, paint the ceiling white and tie this in with a white fixture or two. Choose tonal shades of cream for furniture and bedding to achieve overall harmony in a small room.


Cream and white bedroom décor



Cream and white wall bedroom ideas come together with the use of decadent textures and personal touches that eliminate that sterile, cold feeling often associated with the colour scheme. Even if you don’t incorporate any other colours, accessories like striped chairs, upholstered headboards, patterned curtains, plush rugs and knitted throws add variety and depth to a predominantly cream and white bedroom.

To add a dash of glamour, consider silver, gold or copper metallics in the form of mirrors, candle holders or vases. Natural woods bring more warmth to the colour palette, for bedside tables, drawers and cupboards. On a backdrop of darker creams, white bedroom décor brightens up the space with a refreshing twist. Don’t underestimate the power of layered lighting to add interest and atmosphere. Create diffused light from a variety of sources, including wall lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers.

With a harmonious palette of tones, lush textures and the ability to transform depending on your mood, deciding to indulge in lashings of cream in the bedroom is a gift that keeps on giving.

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