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Grey Bedroom Inspiration

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home - a place to relax and unwind. Transforming this space into a homely retreat is easy with a touch of Dulux grey paint. Classic, calming and versatile, this neutral shade evokes a sense of balance and complements all interiors. Not sure how to make a grey bedroom work? Explore our helpful advice, tips, tricks and design articles below.

Transform your bedroom with tranquil greys

Create a relaxing retreat with a grey colour scheme

Think grey is a boring shade? Think again! This stylish colour is fast becoming one of the most popular shades for bedroom walls. Whatever your style, there is a grey bedroom design for you. Discover our grey and white bedroom ideas for a touch of luxury, or create a relaxing haven with pastel and powder hues. Achieve a comforting, snug look with warm shades or add a splash of sophistication with a grey and rose gold bedroom. 

Grey bedroom inspiration

Find your perfect shade today with our grey bedroom ideas. Explore our articles to learn how to incorporate this colour into your home.

Grey shades for your bedroom

Consider the mood you want to create when choosing grey paint colours for your bedroom. A dark grey colour palette works well in rooms that need a cosy makeover, while lighter shades can make a small bedroom feel spacious and airy.

Cool shades have a modern feel and are great for rooms with natural light, while warm colours work perfectly with light yellows for a two-tone look. From soft pebble to dark slate, there are plenty of grey shades to choose from in the Dulux range. 

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Let’s Colour Podcast: Greige Colour Palette

Tune into our Let’s Colour podcast to find out how to create a greige bedroom. A beautiful mix of beige and grey, greige has taken the interior design world by storm. This warm, soft shade offers a great alternative to white and pairs perfectly with many other colours. Find out more about how to use this shade in your home and get inspired with decorating advice from colour expert Laura Perryman.

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