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6 Cosy Bedroom Ideas

Create the cosiest cocoon in your sleeping space with these colour tips and tricks.

The leaves are turning, the weather is crisp and the bright light of dawn no longer stream in through your curtains at 6am – yep, Autumn has well and truly arrived. The chillier season makes it the perfect time to make sure your sleep sanctuary is as cosy as can be.

Here are a few cosy bedroom colour schemes to warm your cockles and toast all things cosy.


1. Pastel play

Pastels are having a revival, but not as you know them. The modern way to use pastels at home is to throw in an unexpected colour and paint technique into the mix, helping you to avoid a frilly, nursery-like look. Adding a dark, stylish shade works such as Chic Shadow wonders to bring depth and an edge to your space.

Expert tip

The best greys for cosy rooms are warm greys and greyed neutrals that have hints of pink, gold or yellow in them, such as Chic Shadow. This mid–tone shade is great because it gives the impression of looking light and airy without looking too cold. Pair with pastel pinks and blues such as Party Surprise 4 and First Dawn to complete the look.

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2. Back to nature

Golden colours that have warm, autumnal tones are a no brainer when it comes to creating a warm, fuzzy feeling in your home. Cherished Gold and natural materials were made for each other. Bringing out the qualities of wood and other natural textures, this mid-tone complements everything from blonde timbers to rich leather. We can almost feel that crisp, Autumn breeze.

Expert tip:

Give cladding or raw timber a light wash of Cherished Gold to enhance its natural grain and use it to panel areas of wall for instant rustic chic.

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3. It’s all white

A white colour scheme can also be cosy – fact. It’s true, simply add a hint of another warm colour to create an off-white shade. Whether you choose creamy shades like Fine Cream and Ivory Lace or sandy hues like beige or Bone China, off-whites can be used to create a nuanced, restful and sophisticated effect.

Expert tip

Accessorize with a multitude of soft, white, tactile textures like a sheepskin rug and cotton bedsheets for optimum cosiness. Just add some fluffy slippers and hey presto.

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4. The royal treatment

Warm neutrals create a calm, restful bedroom. Layer your bed with soft textures of wool, felt and cotton to create the cosy atmosphere. Balance the scheme with cool turquoise accents and accessories.

Expert tip

Painting your woodwork and dado rails the same colour as your walls gives a really contemporary effect, especially in a matt finish.

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5. Welcome to the dark side

Cosy bedroom spaces are a natural choice for using a dark palette as it's one room in your home where light can be a disturbance. Cocoon yourself in a dreamy midnight shade such as Viridian Tide and accessorise with dark bedding and textiles.

Expert tip

For a new spin on the popular ombre effect – instead of fading your wall colour to white, try teaming it with a dark mid-tone such as Aged Bronze for an on-trend and relaxing sleep space. See how to create this effect with our [step-by-step video].

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6. Catching Zzz’s

Bring some wow-factor to a neutral off-white scheme with a giant letter mural. And because it’s the bedroom, Z is the just the letter! Light and bright, but definitely not boring.

Expert tip

Tone down the impact of a large mural by picking a soft, muted shade to paint your design in. This room set features Mauve Tale, but you could try taking it down even further to a lighter shade.

Try out all these shades and lots more on your walls at the touch of a screen on our free Visualizer app.

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