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A guide to blue kitchen cabinets

Whether you’re making over a kitchen with existing blue kitchen cabinets, or you’re getting ready to add a touch of blue as part of a kitchen renovation, once you’ve committed to the colour of your cabinets, it’s time to start thinking about how the rest of your scheme will come together. Consider the overall aesthetic you’d like to achieve in your kitchen: that might be contemporary, bohemian or country inspired.

Your first thought might be that the rest of your kitchen needs to be white, however there are a wide range of colours that will work beautifully on your walls alongside your blue kitchen cabinets. From complementary shades of blue to earthy tones and honey hues, read on for some eye-catching inspiration for styling your blue kitchen cabinets.


Light blue kitchen cabinets with complementary shades of blue

Give your kitchen a light and breezy makeover with complementary shades of light blue. Choose the palest blue kitchen cabinets and paint your walls in a slightly darker shade like Denim Drift for a kitchen that feels calm yet energising – as is the nature of the colour blue. This colour combination would work well with a wooden countertop for a rustic finish, or a clean white countertop for a kitchen with a truly tranquil ambience – exactly what you need to make meal preparation as enjoyable as possible.


Dark blue kitchen cabinets with Dulux’s Colour of The Year

For a classic, country-inspired kitchen, choose kitchen cabinets in a dark inky blue. Nothing says countryside like earthy shades, so pair this deep blue with our 2021 colour of the year, Brave Ground, on surrounding walls for a warm and natural backdrop. Add a crisp white tiled splashback and a white countertop for a contemporary addition to your otherwise rustic kitchen, or keep the nod to nature as prominent as possible with a wooden countertop, a table and chairs made from natural wood, indoor plants and nature-inspired artwork.


Pared-back blue kitchen cabinets with white accents

For a pared-back, bohemian feel in your kitchen, choose pale sky-blue kitchen cabinets with no handles and paint adjoining walls and your splashback in a similar shade or one shade lighter, like Blissful Blue. Then paint the walls above your cabinets white for a gentle contrast, reminiscent of the sky. This will also create the illusion of height and space, making your kitchen feel particularly calm, especially when paired with a white countertop for a coherent scheme. Add additional nods to nature in the form of wooden accessories, shapely ceramics and herbs or houseplants.


Dark blue kitchen cabinets with warm honey walls

Create a sense of understated opulence in your kitchen with the darkest of blue kitchen cupboards. These cabinets almost look black, but the navy tone adds a sense of warmth that black wouldn’t. The dark navy tone will look sharp contrasted against a mellow and pale honey hue like Honey Drizzle 5, which adds an extra level of warmth to the room. Add a painted band of golden toned Spiced Honey at ceiling height, and complete the look with touches of polished copper, either with your taps or with vintage cookware and tableware to add to the mood of relaxed luxury.

And there you have it, four examples of colour combinations that will look stunning alongside your blue kitchen cabinets. Read our guide to painting kitchen cabinets if you’d like to transform your cabinets yourself, or for more inspiration explore our blue kitchen hub.

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