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Long-Lasting Kitchen Colour Ideas

Paint a Kitchen Made To Last!


The kitchen is the heart of the home and is prone to the messiest of activities. If you want to update your kitchen, remove marks and stains from years of cooking and decorate in a way that will stand the test of time, then it’s important to choose the best paint for your kitchen walls, and the right colours.
That's where the Dulux Easycare Kitchen range comes in... 


Why is Easycare paint safe for the kitchen?

Our Easycare range is ideal for the kitchen as it has been specially formulated to be tough and resistant to grease, moisture and steam. It acts as an excellent shield against everyday cooking mess, and it’s easily washable, so you can remove spills and splatters with the wipe of a cloth and keep the finish looking brand new for longer. Easycare kitchen paint can even withstand a scrub without the colour fading, so your kitchen can cope with anything that's thrown at it – literally.


What kitchen colour ideas do we recommend?  

The colour you paint your kitchen is, of course, all down to personal taste. A white kitchen is an incredibly popular style, and our Easycare paints makes white more maintainable than every before with it’s grease-proof and wipeable properties. However, to dip your toes out of white, we recommend something a little different:


Frosted Steel

Go grey for a timeless and sophisticated look. This neutral tone can be used as a backdrop for brighter accents, which can be picked up in accessories such as your kettle, toaster and hand towels.

Caramel Latte

This creamy light brown brings a touch of warmth to your kitchen, creating a cosy and inviting room that helps to take the stress out of cooking.

Deep Fossil

For a more dramatic effect, try dark grey. This colour is modern and striking, and stylishly hides any imperfections. Why not try pairing it with Frosted Steel for a two-tone look in your kitchen.

Lemon Pie

Brighten up your home with a kitchen painted in bright citrus yellow. Coordinate with darker colours to make it pop, or pair with white accents for summer appeal all year round. 


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