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12 kitchen colour schemes to transform your space

There’s no doubting that food brings people together! As such, we love transforming the kitchen into one of the most inviting communal areas. Show the heart of your home some love with a fresh new colour palette, perfect for making it a creative and welcoming space that you’ll love to spend time in.

Whether you like bold style statements, playful pops of colour, or chic and sophisticated palettes that showcase the beauty of simplicity, there are plenty of clever and artistic ways to modernise your kitchen. To help you discover a range of colour possibilities and small changes that can make a big style impact, our decorating experts have created a list of 12 kitchen colour schemes that you can easily recreate at home.

Let’s take a look!


1. Try a bold teal kitchen 

Rich, dark tones are the must-have kitchen paint colours for home decorating this year. For those wanting to make a bold style statement in the kitchen, we recommend choosing Heathland. Darker tones create a feeling of comfort which is just perfect for creating a cosy and modern kitchen, no matter the size of your space. We love pairing this shade with wood and gold metallic accents for a rustic comfort meets modern luxury experience.   

Paint: Heathland

2. Contrast your white with wooden features 

White is arguably the most common colour for kitchen decorating, and this simple and stylish palette embraces this traditional style while adding some clever modern touches. Small features of wood create a warm, inviting feel that complements white walls perfectly. Simply changing out white knobs for wooden, or giving wooden shelves a fresh coat of white paint creates a wonderful contrast for the pre-existing elements of your current kitchen. Add in some copper metallics and vibrant art to complete this on-trend look. In the example below we’ve used Goose Down and Chic Shadow paint to complement the natural tones of the wooden countertop.

3. Go neutral with the Colour of The Year

Chosen by our colour experts, Brave Ground was announced as the Dulux Colour of The Year for 2021. This neutral shade with a warm undertone is incredibly versatile and can be used as a complementary pairing for many other colours. Add a touch of this colour to shelves or cabinets to add a touch of warmth to your space, without needing to redo the whole kitchen.

Paint: Brave Ground

4. Pop of playful colour 

Adding a touch of vibrant colour is a stunning option for those wanting to add some major wow-factor to their space. This look is seriously easy to pull off, and there’s no need for much additional decorating. We love a vibrant shade of green to both catch the eye and create a positive headspace for a busy kitchen? Green has a calming and creative psychological effect that helps you to relax and focus, an especially great bonus for those who enjoy cooking to relax at the end of a long day. Buckingham is the ideal colour choice for creating a calming effect.

Paint: Buckingham

5. Calming soft grey 

A soft shade of grey, like Thimble Case, is a sophisticated choice for creating a simple, modern and warm kitchen space. Used as a subtle contrast colour, light grey tones beautifully showcase white accents and fixtures such as cabinets and shelves. This makes it a wonderful option for an stylish yet simple palette makeover. It’s also easy to pair with a bold feature wall or bright accessories if you choose to upgrade in the future.

Paint: Thimble Case

6. Bring in nature with earthy greens 

Inspired by the beautiful colours of the natural world, earthy green tones like Tranquil Dawn are an easy way to bring the outside, inside. No wonder this serene colour tone is so on-trend. We recommend pairing earthy green walls or cabinets with natural material accents like wood, as well as plenty of leafy friends and metallic fixtures for a pop of modern style. 

7. Add vibrancy with pretty pastels 

If you want a subtle way to bring in colour, pastels are the way to go. These muted tones are subtle enough to not feel over the top, while still making the space feel warm and modern. Inspired by Scandinavian home decorating trends, subtle colour tones are an excellent choice for those wanting to embrace the beauty of simplicity with their kitchen. We recommend pairing colours like Tranquil Dawn with darker accents and rustic accessories to offset minimalist, modern furniture.

8. Metallics and monochrome magic 

Get ready for a modern update to a classic monochrome look. White walls and black furniture is a design staple, but now we’re loving a touch of metallic to bring a little glow to your space. Metallic accents can be added to a monochrome room with the simple use of household accessories. We love white walls with a black kitchen table and golden fixtures. You can even play with the current trend darling: copper, to accent your monochrome space for a new vision of style.

Paint: White Mist

9. Go for a mood-boosting yellow 

Bright, warm yellow is a trending choice for adding a pop of colour to your kitchen. Associated with feelings of cheerfulness and joy, yellow is a wonderful choice for making your kitchen a place of fun and sun, perfect for lovers of cooking and kitchen gatherings. We recommend pairing yellows like Citrus Zing with dynamic, light and dark colour combinations such as white and rich, dark grey for a balanced palette.   

Paint: Citrus Zing

10. Try a sophisticated olive green 

Olive green is a unique choice that can create a timeless kitchen design that can suit many styles. Did you know that green is also one of the most versatile colours? This offers endless opportunities for creating a rich and dynamic gradient of colour. For a real showstopping moment, try pairing a rich olive green like Heathland with a surprising shade of pastel pink.

Paint: Heathland

11. Use light pink for a soothing space 

A light, dusky pink has harmonizing qualities that are great for reinvigorating your kitchen. Pink tones have a lovely calming quality that make them a perfect choice for your space of culinary creation. We recommend pairing light pink walls, painted in Heart Wood, with wood and gold metallic accents, as well as rustic accessories to create a modern take on the classic welcoming kitchen.   

Paint: Heartwood

12. Pair neutrals with dark purple 

One of the many exciting possibilities of modern kitchen design is the ongoing experimentation with style. As the colour purple occurs rarely in nature, it’s often associated with uniqueness and luxury. Dark purple is a bold colour choice that creates a stunning effect when it is tamed with complementary colour pairings. This shade works best when used as an accent colour with neutrals, making a space that won’t feel overpowering, but vivid and unique. The kitchen below uses Sumptuous Plum alongside neutral and pink tones to create a modern and unique kitchen.

Want to continue your inspiration journey? Visit our list of Instagram kitchen trends. Or, if you’re ready to transform your home, take a look at our easy guide on how to paint your kitchen.

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