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Why Dulux Easycare Kitchen is the grease-resistant paint you need in the heart of your home

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. A space that’s not just for preparing food, but where you come together as a family, or with friends. But as the room for cooking, your kitchen is at the mercy of all sorts of stains, on daily basis. Splashes of pasta sauce, grease-spots from stir-frying, spatters of curry... all combining to tarnish your kitchen paint. 

The special ingredient that makes Dulux Easycare the best paint for kitchens

Our Easycare Kitchen wall paint resists all sorts of everyday cooking stains. The special ingredient is a grease-proof formula that stops greasy splashes soaking in. You can wash the walls without any worry about the colour of the paint fading. Quite simply, it’s the best paint for kitchens.

Why not choose Dulux Easycare Kitchen wall paint for a splash back?


Lots of people choose Dulux Easycare kitchen paint instead of tiles for their kitchen – and with good reason. Using kitchen wall paint makes it much easier and cost-effective to refresh the look. Plus, the grease-proof formula in Easycare Kitchen makes it easy to wipe off stains, so you can be confident that the colour will last and last. 

4 steps to give your kitchen a colour makeover with Dulux Easycare Kitchen paint

1. Explore your color ideas and see them come to life with the free Dulux Visualizer App.

2. Order some easy-to-use and mess-free color testers to see exactly how colors will look in your room. Select the winning shade and order your Easycare kitchen paint. 

3. For a smooth finish, prepare your walls by sanding and filling any cracks and holes. 

4. Mask off the wall then apply a minimum of two coats of Dulux Easycare Kitchen, painting in Ws and Ms with your roller for even coverage. 

You’ll need:

• Sandpaper

Polycell Polyfilla 

• A roller and tray

• Masking tape

Dulux Easycare Kitchen Paint 


Stuck for inspiration? Explore these 3 kitchen paint colour makeovers:

Go perfectly pink


Pair Dulux kitchen paint in Heartwood with Overtly Olive for an on-trend update. Frame the area with a warm neutral tone for the perfect place to welcome friends and family. For added character, add a mix of textures, mixed metals and rustic woods.

Create a calming atmosphere for busy mealtimes


Nervous about using light-coloured kitchen wall paint? With Dulux Easycare Kitchen, there’s no need to worry about stains. Its tough, washable finish means you can wipe away stains again and again, leaving clean and long-lasting colour. 

Instead of a tiled upstand and splash-back, go for a two-tone grey split-effect to make the room look taller, giving an uplifting feel. That way you can enjoy family mealtimes against a gentle calming backdrop.


Feel comforted in a deep blue kitchen


Use Dulux Easycare Kitchen wall paint to create a striking back look in a deep sapphire blue. Complement this makeover with a light worktop, porcelain crockery and clear glass jars. 


Discover more EasyCare Inspiration and advice from our Dulux EasyCare hub.

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