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Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Cool, calming and reminiscent of the ocean and sky, it’s no wonder that blue is a popular choice for bathrooms. The beauty of a blue bathroom is that it will never lose its appeal, with a spectrum of shades to choose from. Whether you envision a navy blue bathroom or you’re looking for teal bathroom ideas, get inspired with our expert design tips, tricks, FAQs and advice below.

Bring calming, tranquil blues to bathroom

Refresh your space with a beautiful blue bathroom

A blue bathroom is a classic choice. Used as an accent or as the main shade, this colour calms and relaxes, making it ideal for this room of the house. With so many shades available, blue bathroom paint can vary from the deepest indigo to duck egg.

Light blue bathroom walls will open up a space and make it feel airy, while a navy design adds drama. If a nautical theme is more your style, create a blue and white room, where white and seaside shades are perfectly complemented by blue décor. 

Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Wondering how to decorate a blue bathroom? Read our helpful design articles below to get started. We have all the inspiration you need, from vibrant paint ideas to refreshing your bathroom on a budget.

Blue Shades for your Bathroom

Blue is the ideal colour to bring a little luxury to your bathroom. Best of all, it can be combined with various shades, making it incredibly versatile. Look to nature for inspiration and use sky blue paint paired with soft pops of pink. Or create a bold look with royal blue walls and white accents.

Whatever colour scheme you have in mind, browse the Dulux blue bathroom paint collection for your perfect shade. From dark hues like Denim Drift and Vast Lake to lighter colours such as Mint Macaroon and Mineral Mist, there’s something to suit every taste.

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Let’s Colour Podcast: The Blue Colour Palette

Searching for more blue bathroom painting inspiration? Tune into our Blue Colour Palette podcast episode and discover how to use this beautiful colour in your home. Learn more about why blue is so popular and which shades to pair it with, and listen to advice from Dr Katy Munro on which colours can trigger and soothe migraines.

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