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22 small bathroom colour and design ideas to make your space look stylish and bigger

Whether being used for relaxation, self-care or everyday utility, your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to create a stylish and rewarding experience no matter your room size. To help you optimise your smaller bathroom space with some clever decorating tips, we’ve made a list of 22 small bathroom colour ideas that you can recreate at home.

Let’s jump in…


1. Go bold with a dark colour scheme

Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t choose dark colours! While many people will traditionally choose lighter tones to maximise the feeling of space, darker tones can create a sense of luxury and style no matter the room size.

We recommend pairing dark walls – like Emerald Glade – with metallics and a large mirror to really give your bathroom some style dimension.

2. Opt for a fun accent wall

This is a fun project for all the inner artists to get creative! When it comes to accent walls, the limit truly is your imagination. Patterns, murals or simple, solid colours are all fantastic options for adding some major wow-factor to your bathroom. 

3. Try a soft grey colour design

Soft grey walls in a shade like Pebble Shore offer a subtle yet sophisticated contrast colour for white furnishings, as well as taking the edge off of pre-existing glossy white ceramics such as bathtubs and sinks. 

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Paint: Pebble Shore

4. Play with a light and dark contrast

Dark and light colours share a stylish tonal relationship that can work wonders for your bathroom. To achieve this unique and modern look, we recommend using a mid-toned neutral shade like Warm Pewter for the lower areas of your space. This perfectly contrasts a lighter pastel shade like Blush Pink for your upper walls, giving your room a sense of dynamic style. 

5. Contrast painted walls with white furniture

Since most bathrooms already have classic white fixtures, choosing a stylish contrast colour like Tuscan Glade 3 for your walls will help to beautifully contrast your pre-existing features. 

6. Streamline your paint colours

Opting for a limited colour palette not only gives your room a refined sense of style, it also helps to make your bathroom feel bigger by reducing visual clutter. We recommend choosing a paint palette of two complementary colours for your walls and fixtures, like Blush Pink and Heart Wood.

7. Use a big mirror

Large mirrors are an excellent decorating trick for not only adding functionality to your space, but also the illusion of extra space and depth. Mirrors are also perfect for reflecting ambient and direct light, so a clever placement would be next to a light source to give your room extra brightness. Eliminating dark corners will also help to make your space feel open and less enclosed.

Paint: Chic Shadow

8. Install a feature light

A statement light feature is a wonderful addition for anyone looking to add some major style impact to their bathroom. This is not only a great opportunity to showcase your unique personal style, but it also creates a clever effect: choosing an eye-catching design helps to make your bathroom feel bigger, as it naturally draws our eyes away from the walls of your space. 

Paint: Mossy Stone

9. Hide-away bathroom furniture

“Hide-away” can be categorised as furniture that offers additional storage or flat surface space within its own set dimensions. Furniture with drawers or fold-out tables are part of this category. This is a smart choice for maximising your storage space and keeping your furniture low profile. An open floorspace is a top priority for creating a larger feeling of space within a smaller bathroom.

10. Make the most of storage

Wall storage is another clever way of keeping your floorspace open while creating plenty of storage for your items. Shelves are an excellent addition and can be easily installed if you don’t already have any to work with. You can also install a row of item hooks and attach baskets for a simple and customisable storage option. Wall decorations, like these metal circles, are a creative example of adding both style and functionality to your bathroom. Shelving also presents another opportunity to inject more colour into your home. Why not try something like the image below, which uses Polished Pebble on the walls with Kiwi Crush paint as an accent in the shelf pockets?

11. Work around awkward corners

Awkward corners are a staple of smaller bathrooms, but these areas can also be turned into opportunities for creative decorating! Small corners provide a fitted space for many bathroom essentials such as storage, or even fixtures like sinks. To make the most of these spaces, we recommend thinking of them as a custom housing for fitted furniture. Use a tape measure to find a perfect match for your corner. 

12. Decorate with tiles

Tiles are an easy and stylish way to add maximum depth and dimension to your bathroom. Depending on the finish you choose for your tiles, their glossy properties also make them perfect for reflecting ambient light, giving you the feeling of extra space. If you are using tiles to create a feature wall, try using a neutral but contrasting colour on the other walls to maximise the effect. 

Paint: Rock Salt

13. Add a ladder for extra storage

Not just for reaching high places! Ladders offer a low-profile storage option with full portability, the perfect option for adding shelf space without using up precious floor space. We recommend choosing a wood ladder to add some extra character to your bathroom.

14. Choose metallic accents for your furniture

Metallic accents not only give your bathroom a sense of modern style, but also work wonders for introducing extra light and depth to your space. We recommend using copper or gold metallics as they are timeless decorating trend darlings. Opting for a dark wall colour such as Sapphire Salute acts as the perfect backdrop for the metal work.

15. Place accessories on your window shelf

Window shelves offer a perfect showcase area by using natural lighting. Items such as houseplants will greatly benefit from the warmth and light of a prized window placement. 

16. Focus furniture around the window

Placing your furniture close to a window is a great method for optimising your space by taking advantage of the natural lighting. This helps to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

Paint: First Dawn

17. Go for timeless monochrome

Nothing beats a classic palette that has stood the test of time. Black and white colour pairings are a simple yet stylish option for giving your bathroom a sense of timeless style. We recommend using bathroom accessories to add a touch of black contrast to your bright white walls.

18. Create a feature floor

Decorative tiles are an amazing choice as they create both visual depth and also major style impact. We recommend choosing a tile with a geometric pattern to add some jaw-dropping design to your bathroom.

19. Use baskets for extra storage

Baskets are a simple and charming option for adding extra storage to your bathroom. We recommend choosing a natural woven material to add warmth to your visual palette.

Paint: Sea Urchin 5

20. Tuck your bath against the walls

When it comes to small bathrooms, freeing up floor space is key to maximising the depth of your room. We recommend placing your bath close to your walls to give you as much space as possible to work with.   

21. Make storage easily moveable

Lightweight and portable furniture is a smart choice for your bathroom, as it allows you to move items in and out of your bathroom as needed. Baskets and stools are excellent options for fitting into small spaces.

Paint: Nutmeg White

22. Double up on mirrors

Here’s a trick for the smallest of spaces: place multiple mirrors in the different corners of your space help to reflect light off each other and add a dynamic sense of depth to your space. 

When decorating your smaller bathroom, it’s important to take advantage of the natural lighting, add extra dimension with mirrors and metallics, and opt for dynamic shelving to keep your items off of the floor and out of the way for easy access.

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