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The Weekend Project

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Don’t forget about the downstairs toilet when you’re decorating just because it’s compact and out of the way. After all, it’s so regularly used by friends and family that it’s a superb opportunity to show off your personal style – not to mention a great selling point when you put your home on the market. In this quick and easy makeover, we’ve chosen deep navy Sapphire Salute for the walls and paired it with gentle Blush Pink on the ceiling and floor, for a decadent edge. The bold use of blue draws the eye and elongates the room to showstopping effect; while the soft pink lightens things up and balances the use of dark colour. Follow our two-day guide below and give yourself a toilet to treasure, in just one weekend!


Keeping things on track


Saturday morning


Start by clearing the space of belongings and covering anything that needs protecting. Use Polycell Polyfilla to fill any cracks or holes in the surfaces you’re painting, then gently sand and clean, and leave to dry. 

Saturday afternoon


Use a 2” brush to paint the edges of the ceiling and around light fittings in Blush Pink, then fill in the rest of the ceiling using a roller. Let the paint dry and apply a second coat if needed.

Sunday morning


Apply low-tack masking tape to the ceiling along the line where it meets the walls, to get a neat finish. Paint Sapphire Salute on the walls – first cutting in with a 2” brush, then filling in the rest with a roller and allowing to dry. 

Sunday afternoon


Mask along the walls where they meet the skirting, and use the brush to apply two coats of Blush Pink to the skirting and edge of the floor; then fill in the rest of the floor using the same colour with a roller. Leave to dry. 

Expert Know How

“Don’t worry about trying to get a straight edge when you’re painting your ceiling in Blush Pink – you can achieve a straight line with Sapphire Salute once it’s dry.”
- Matt Gray

Take way tip


Buy your paint after work during the week so you can start your project first thing on Saturday morning 

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