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Grey Bathroom Ideas

With our grey bathroom ideas, discover how to create a grey and white bathroom, use grey bathroom décor and find the right shade of grey for you. Learn more here.


Classic yet ultramodern, grey leads the way in bathroom design trends.

Versatile, stylish and soothing, grey bathroom ideas tick all the right boxes towards creating a serene sanctuary for bathing bliss. As a backdrop, grey invites you to play with pops of colour, experiment with exciting accessories and create an environment that’s perfectly suited to your personality. It’s a classic choice, yet it’s surging in popularity for bathrooms right now. What does this mean? You can be sure that grey is here to stay.

Choosing the right grey bathroom décor for you


Grey works with everything, so it’s easy to incorporate into a simple makeover or use as a canvas for a new bathroom. Depending on the mood you want to create, choose from colour families of light and dark or cool and warm to find the right shade of grey for you. That’s right, grey really is that versatile!

If you have a south facing bathroom with lots of natural light, cool greys keep things crisp and refreshing. They also make small spaces appear larger and brighter. Popular Dulux shades for cool grey bathroom ideas include Goose Down and Warm Pewter. North facing rooms without much natural light or large bathrooms benefit from warm greys that add depth and cosiness. Consider on-trend tones like Pebble Shore and Misty Mountain.

When you’re choosing between light and dark, pale greys tend to enhance a fresh, spacious feeling. They pair beautifully with pastel shades and strong accents of bold colour. Dark greys add an element of drama and sophistication which is perfect for highlighting features and cocooning you in luxury.

Grey and pops of vibrant colour


Bold accent colours look fabulous with all shades of grey. When you really want to make them pop, slather your walls in a light, cool tone like Polished Pebble. This will help to brighten up a small space and it gives you total freedom to choose whatever highlight colour suits you best.

Nothing says ‘fresh’ quite like shades of green in the bathroom, especially when paired with light grey. Consider the zesty tones of Kiwi Crush or Luscious Lime. Think outside the box when it comes to painting accent colours. For example, revamp shelving recesses, paint your cabinet doors or add a splash of green to baskets and stools. Metallic silver polishes the look with a touch of class, for tapware and accessories.

A timeless grey and white bathroom


A grey and white bathroom is effortlessly chic and offers the minimalist appeal of Scandi style. If your bathroom is small with awkward angles, combining grey and white opens up the space and fills it with soothing light.

Paint a section of the wall above the sink in a pale grey and add contrast with a stylish mirror in a black frame. Coat the ceiling, the other walls and your window frames in white. To complete the look, bring the outdoors in with lush plants and pots in black and white.

Two-tone tricks with grey


Do you want to make a statement with grey bathroom walls? A two-tone look is a striking way to liven up your design and it’s on-trend right now. Painting with two colours creates instant contrast and adds dimension to both large and small bathrooms.

Play with fixtures in your bathroom to determine a line between the shades, remembering that the sections don’t have to be half and half. Consider a mid-tone grey for the bottom half of your walls and romantic Blush Pink for the upper half. Try mixing and matching dark grey bathroom décor with pretty pastels and fresh greenery.

A stylish dark grey bathroom


Oozing sophistication and style, a dark grey bathroom is a modern choice that makes an impact. A deep shade like Chic Shadow highlights interesting features, so paint a feature wall behind a stylish basin, a window or a decorative bathtub. To balance the look and add contrast, paint skirting and frames in bright white.

For furnishings, natural wood looks fantastic with grey and black accents enhance a sophisticated appeal. Want a splash of colour? Consider muted tones like dusty pink for another wall and match the shade with accessories of the same colour.


Accessorising with grey


No matter what accessories you already have, it’s highly likely your new grey bathroom walls will match. Plus, the smallest tweaks achieve entirely different looks when it’s time for a change. Add blue and beige for a beachy vibe, introduce metallic gold, silver or copper for luxury or go all out with yellow for a vibrant burst of energy. Whether you accessorise with colourful towels, furniture, plant pots or artworks, they’ll stand out with style on a grey canvas.


Try out your grey bathroom ideas


If you’re not sure which shade of grey is best for your bathroom, there’s an easy way to test your ideas. Download the free Dulux Visualizer app, take a photo or video of your space and tap to choose the tones you like. When you see the transformation, send your creations to friends and family for their opinions.

To ensure the shade of grey you choose suits the natural light in your bathroom, you can order tester pots through the app too.

Now you're all set to get cracking with the new grey bathroom design you deserve!

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