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Dr Dulux: Bathroom Theme Ideas and Colour Scheme Inspiration

Bring a new lease life to your bathroom with Dulux's bathroom theme ideas and colour inspiration. Learn more about how to experiment with paint colours and colourful bathroom tiles.


If your bathroom is looking tired and in need of a refresh, you don’t have to default to traditional bathroom colour schemes, like white and blue. Here are a few bathroom theme ideas that are easy to achieve, when you get creative with paint or colourful bathroom tiles from Topps Tiles.

The best way to start is to think about how you want your bathroom to feel. Remember, your bathroom is probably the first room you step into every morning, after you get out of bed. So, think about how you’d like to start your day. Should your bathroom theme be restful and spa-like, or energetic and lively? Or are you looking for bathroom theme ideas that feel fresher and more modern?

In the image above we have a stylish modern bathroom which features Stello Black from Topps Tiles and our colour of the year 2020 Tranquil Dawn.


Easy bathroom theme ideas: a simple rule

Whatever bathroom theme ideas you have in mind, the starting point is always to pick a colour scheme. As a simple rule, start by picking two core colours – a main colour and a secondary colour. Ideally, go for one neutral colour and balance it with something richer. You could also add a third accent colour. Better yet, experiment with patterned of textured elements to add visual interest. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by using colourful bathroom tiles.


Why choose colourful bathroom tiles?

If you think about bathroom themes that have caught your eye in the past, it was likely the tiles that really stood out. Colourful bathroom tiles are often the thing that lifts a bathroom scheme from simple to sublime. They can add a splash of vibrant colour, or a touch of texture that ties the bathroom scheme together.

Of course, you don’t have to tile your entire bathroom – indeed your bathroom theme can become quite expensive if you do. Instead, consider a combination of tiles and bathroom paint. The only thing to remember is to choose a paint that’s specifically designed for use in bathrooms.

Dulux Easycare Bathroom is an exceptionally durable paint, designed to resist both mould-growth and steam damage. After just a couple of coats, you can be confident your bathroom will look as good as new for years to come. You can find out more about the complete Dulux Easycare range here.


Bathroom themes: Create a spa-like sanctuary

Is there anything more satisfying than a nice long soak at the end of a tiring day? So, how about focusing your bathroom theme ideas on creating your own spa-like sanctuary? Think sleek yet simple, elegant but understated. Here the single wall has been tiled in Catania Blue from Topps Tiles. These glossy deep blue tiles give the space a calming yet luxurious feel that’s stunning to look at as you soak. The room is balanced with crisp white walls using Rock Salt and modern bathroom fixtures for stylish serenity.


Bathroom themes: Embrace rustic decor

A bathroom theme that’s inspired by nature will help you feel relaxed, whether you’re beginning or ending your day. The idea here was to create the perfect blend of rustic charm and elegance. Topps Tiles have painted the bathroom walls in the deep, dramatic shade of green Emerald Glade, then added texture. Here we see Copper Fusion Modular Mosaic from Topps Tiles for a feature splashback. The natural material of the countertop paired with the dark stone basin and gold accessories enhances the impact of the tiles.


Bathroom themes: Feel pampered with pink

Pink is a feel-good, feminine shade that lends your bathroom theme a soft, luxury side. The trick is not to overdo it. Here we’ve painted the top two-thirds of the bathroom walls in Heart Wood a warm, inviting shade of Dusky Heather. Then contrasted it with really indulgent tiles. We love Lampas Peacock from Topps Tiles, with its greenish blue tone and polished finished it has an almost gem-like quality. Adding wooden furniture and well-chosen plants freshens up the bathroom theme even further and gives the room a real mood boost.


If you’d like more inspiration for your bathroom, try these 3 easy bathroom makeovers. Or if you have a small bathroom then check out small but beautiful.

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