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Dr Dulux: How to Paint Over Tiles

Freshen up less than lovely tiles with a lick of paint.


Q: Hi Dr Dulux, we’ve just moved into a new home, and it needs a lot of work! The bathroom is really dated – the tiles are an avocado nightmare! We’re desperate to rip it out but we won’t be able to for at least six months or so while we save up. Can you paint tiles?

A: Yes, it’s an inevitable fact of life that we’ll all experience ‘tile hell’ at some stage. Whether you’ve inherited a dated bathroom suite or grotty kitchen, no fear – there’s a solution! Dulux Tile Paint is waterproof and self-undercoating, so you can cover up unfortunate tile choices really easily (so much quicker than retiling). It also comes in a range of colours, so there’s no need to endure avocado tiles for much longer. Here are my three top tips for painting your tiles:

1: The most important thing for painting tiles is making sure your tiles are clean (cleaned with a hot detergent solution and scourer, then rinsed with clean water) and dry.

2: In some cases a fungicidal wash may be required and a limescale remover!

3: Make sure you paint everything using a brush or small foam roller, including the grout. If the lines need redefining then you can use a grout pen.

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