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5 stylish black and white bathroom ideas

For a timeless bathroom décor scheme, look no further than black and white. Not only will monochrome stand the test of time and save you having to redecorate too often, it’s also an incredibly versatile scheme that can be tailored according to your tastes. Whether you want a bold monochrome scheme with statement tiling or a minimalist scheme with subtle hints of black, there are black and white bathroom décor ideas to suit you.

Read on for five inspiring black and white bathroom ideas, as well as tips on how to accessorise your monochrome bathroom.  

Black and white bathroom décor ideas to transform your space 

1.       Add character with unique black and white bathroom tiles 

Black and white tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny checkerboard tiles to unique patterned tiles like those in this image. Keep tiling to the floor or extend it up on to the walls in a smaller bathroom to create the illusion of depth. Soften the look with white tiled or painted walls and add wooden fixtures and fittings, as well as houseplants for a natural splash of colour.


2.       Go for subtle hints of black for a minimalist aesthetic

A black and white bathroom doesn’t always have to be a bold statement. With subtle hints of black in your woodwork and accessories, you can achieve a minimalist take on the monochrome scheme. Paint walls in a soft white like Moon Shimmer and paint skirting boards, doors, and window frames in Rich Black. Add a painted wooden bathroom ladder and a black wicker wash basket to complete the look.


3.       Coordinate with rose gold for a fresh feel 

Start with white tiles and black cabinets, then add a touch of glamour to your black and white bathroom with rose gold fixtures and fittings. This could be a subtle addition with rose gold accents in mirrors and soap dispensers, or a bolder statement with a rose gold sink and tap. 


4.       Dark oak and silver accents can create a rustic style 

Create a country-inspired black and white bathroom with traditional accents. White bathroom walls are the starting point for this look – try Absolute White for a crisp finish – and no country-style bathroom is complete without a freestanding bath, especially a black and white one. Opt for dark oak doors and cabinetry and Victorian-style silver taps and pipework.


4.       Pair with grey to soften your black and white look   

For a soft take on a black and white bathroom, give grey a go. Paint your walls in a soft grey like Polished Pebble and add white metro tiles with contrasting grey grout. Add more contrast with a stylish black-framed mirror and a small black plant pot or two, housing some green, leafy foliage. The result will be a minimalist Scandi-style bathroom that is effortlessly chic and oh-so-soothing.

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Top tips to accessorise your black and white bathroom  

Bring your black and white bathroom to life with some final touches.

  • Use mirrors to give the illusion of space

Mirrors create the illusion of depth and help to bounce light around the room, making your bathroom appear both bigger and brighter. This is particularly effective in small bathrooms with limited natural light.

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  • Add a pop of colour

The beauty of a monochrome scheme is that virtually any colour can be added and it will work. Try a pop of royal blue or forest green for a touch of luxury, bright yellow or red for added fun, or pastel shades of pink for a chic and feminine touch.

  • Keep it coherent with black and white accents 

While just about any colour can be introduced into a black and white décor scheme, there’s something both simple and stylish about keeping things coherent with black and white accents. Think monochrome towels, plant pots, soap dispensers and photo frames for a striking monochrome bathroom.

  • Bring the outdoors in with plants

No modern bathroom is complete without the addition of some houseplants. Certain types of plant work best in humidity, so be sure to do your research before investing in a leafy friend.

Feeling inspired to give your bathroom a black and white makeover? Explore our Easycare bathroom range for steam-resistant paint that will look fresh for longer, or discover more ways to add style to a plain bathroom.

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