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Types of Paint and Where They Go

Why use different types of paint? From durable paints to metal-friendly emulsions, our paint guide explains how Dulux paint types work in your space.

Paint picker

Confused about what paint goes where? Fear not – we’ve got you covered with our handy guide.

Once you’ve picked your palette, you just need to select the correct paint for the job in hand, depending on the room and the type of surface. That way you ensure you get a finish that stays looking fabulous for years to come – long after the paint has dried.

Choose your colours

First thing’s first: choosing your colour palette. Look to cherished memories, Mother Nature or favourite things to create a scheme you love. Consider how you want different spaces to make you feel, from relaxed in a bedroom to energised in a home office and creative in a kitchen, and select the shades that have that effect. Alternatively, browse for ideas in magazines or on Pinterest, whether you want to tap into trends or try something timeless.

The colour wheel can help you combine different colours but there are three golden rules to consider: contrasting shades can create impact in rooms like lounges, hallways and kitchens; tonal hues can create a cohesive look that’s restful and calm; and harmonious colours can create connections between adjoining spaces such as dining and living rooms.

Browse our colours online, use the free Visualizer app to imagine them on your walls, and see how shortlisted hues will look with our easy-to-apply Roller Testers or Peel & Stick samples.

Remember, if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy in our popular Ready Mixed collection, you can take a sample of your favourite shade – a textile sample or a treasured keepsake, for example – into selected stores and we’ll colour-match and mix a paint especially for you. There’s no better feeling than knowing nobody else has it. Use our handy locator to find your nearest store that offers the service.

Pick your paint

Matt Gray, our Skills Development Consultant and resident paint pro, says: “Using the right type of paint is essential if you want a finish that will look good and really last. We’ve got a number of specialist products to help you make the most of your efforts, so use this essential guide to suss out which you need, and you’ll be well on your way to painting perfection.”

Dulux Simply Refresh one coat paint

A tin of Dulux Simply Refresh has the power to create rooms full of colour and feeling, transforming not just how your home looks, but how it makes you feel. Opening a world of possibilities, Dulux Simply Refresh enables you to change your rooms quickly and easily, ensuring brilliant colour and even coverage. What’s more, it’s available in a spectrum of timeless and on-trend shades, with something for all tastes and spaces.


Dulux Simply Refresh Feature Wall paint

Dulux Simply Refresh Feature Wall quickly and easily makes a statement in a spectrum of bold and beautiful colours in a single coat. With shades curated by experts to create high-impact, the palette is perfect for accents or features on your walls, while helping to zone spaces or carve-out areas. Give it a try and transform your space.

Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface paint

Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface with a 2-in-1 formula including paint and primer can be applied directly to bare or previously-painted wood, metal, melamine and MDF. Stain-resistant and quick-drying, it’s the secret to effortlessly transforming a range of surfaces, whether doors, window frames or radiators. Discover a palette full of possibilities and revamp your home.


Dulux Easycare paint

An added layer of protection

Washable and stain-repellent, Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough paint is perfect for busy living spaces – and kids’ bedrooms – while it completely takes the stress out of spills and stains. Simply wipe a surface to remove stubborn marks without damaging the finish. Better still, it’s 20 times tougher than standard Dulux paint, meaning it keeps your home looking great for longer. Explore colours in Ready Mixed colours, or have it mixed in any colour you can think of. 

Dulux Easycare Bathroom is steam- and moisture-resistant to keep bathrooms looking their best for longer, no matter how many showers you have or baths you run. Its mould-resistant technology protects the paint against mould for five years. 

Dulux Easycare Kitchen paint is an exceptionally tough grease resistant paint. Its Grease Proof formulation resists everyday cooking stains, and is washable without the colour fading, so even the busiest kitchens will look great for longer.

Light + Space light reflective paint

With limited natural light, it can be hard to brighten up dark rooms, hallways or bathrooms. Make them feel bigger with the light-reflective technology in Dulux Light+Space featuring a formulation that reflects up to twice as much glow back into the room.

Quick-dry paint - for interior wood & metal

If you don’t have much time to read a paint guide, let alone wait for paint to dry, quick drying paint is your new best friend. Along with fast drying times, it also offers a safer working environment due to lower VOC, without compromising on durability. Try Dulux Quick Dry range for interior wood and metal, which is self-undercoating. Do you want a perfect finish in just one coat? Dulux Once delivers it so you can get back to normal life in a flash. If you’re painting the ceilings, Dulux Magic White saves you time by fading from pink to white in under an hour, to ensure you don’t miss a spot the first time around.

Dulux Weathershield paint

Formulated for masonry, external wood and metal surfaces, Dulux Weathershield protects you home from the elements, featuring innovative weatherproof technology that’s rainproof and UV-resistant. In fact, it’s protected from the rain just 30 minutes after application, meaning long-lasting colour you can be proud of. Try Dulux Weathershield All Weather Protection Textured Masonry paint for a textured finish; or Dulux Weathershield Exterior paint for a medium sheen. With shades inspired by nature, Cuprinol Garden Shades is perfect for breathing new life into outdoor woodwork such as benches, furniture and sheds.

How much paint should you buy?

Once you pick a paint for your ideal finish, check our easy guide below to find out how much paint you need. If you're still not sure how much paint you need check out our handy paint calculator.

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