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7 Colourful Bathroom Paint Ideas

Find inspiration for your next bathroom refurb with these bold and bright bathroom paint colours.


Does your bathroom look like a space that only revolves around practicality and routine? If so, get ready to feel inspired by these colourful bathroom paint ideas. Imagine that feeling of walking into a day spa or a lovely en suite in a hotel room. They’re designed to make you feel uplifted, pampered and relaxed. Colourful bathrooms have the ability to transform your mood and turn everyday routines into indulgent experiences, in your very own home! Best of all, a lick of paint is all it takes to turn your bathroom from bland to beautiful in a way that suits your lifestyle.

For moisture, steam and mould-resistant bathroom paint, look no further than our Easycare Bathroom range, designed to keep your bathroom looking great for longer. It comes in a wide range of colourful shades for all styles and tastes. Get set to transform your bathroom with these bathroom paint ideas.

Serene green

Green is the colour of growth and rejuvenation, so it’s perfect for helping you feel enlivened in the morning. However, this shade of nature also evokes peace and serenity for pure relaxation before bed. When you don’t want to go too bold, green bathroom walls make a statement that’s earthy, elegant and effortlessly stylish.

Slather your walls in soothing Mossy Stone or Putting Green and contrast the shade with Brilliant White for the ceiling and fixtures. Deep grey is a sophisticated partner for green, so it’s a great choice for tiles and accessories. Bring the outside in with decorative plants and choose natural materials for baskets and décor. If you have the wall space, add a creative twist with a photo or artwork gallery.

Pampering pink

Nothing says ‘preening’ like pink, but it also offers luxurious warmth to wrap you in cosiness. Depending on what you pair it with and the shades you choose, pink doesn’t have to look overly feminine either. Consider the amount of natural light your bathroom receives and pick a tone that enhances the cool or warm feeling you need to enhance. Pink really is that versatile.

Two-tone walls always make a statement, so paint lower surfaces in rich Heart Wood with a lighter Blush Pink to draw the eye up. Get creative and use one shade to highlight the vanity or a mirror. You can balance pink tones with fresh white for window frames, doors and ceilings. Turn your smart storage solutions for odds and ends into decorative pieces, with vibrant colours like yellow and blue.

Blissful blue

Looking up at a clear blue sky is always a delight and it offers instant bathroom colour scheme inspiration. Different shades of blue can enhance states of wellbeing from mental clarity to serenity and happiness. On top of all that, the colour of the ocean creates a water-inspired haven that’s simply made for bathing bliss.

Adorn your walls in First Dawn for a burst of sky blue, or for a more modern edge, choose a grey-blue like Misty Mrror. For a beachy vibe, introduce natural materials, pale wood and ocean-themed décor. Clean white woodwork and trims compliment these tones perfectly, try White Cotton on bathroom skirting boards, window frames and cupboards.

Deep blue


Like the appeal of blue but want something a little more sultry? Create your very own boutique bathroom with deep blue walls. Navy blue is just as tranquil and calming as its paler hues, but with added depth and clarity.

Paint your walls in Sapphire Salute and contrast with bright white fixtures, window frames, doors and ceilings. This deep blue tone evokes a nautical air, so consider adding other nautical elements such as striped towels, anchor prints and rope-textured accents. 


Inspiring yellow

Do you love to sink into the bath with the time to dream up your next big idea? This sunny colour radiates joy and is associated with intelligence, creativity, warmth and vitality. If this resembles how you like to feel each day, don’t be afraid to splash your walls in a vibrant yellow bathroom paint like Lemon PunchHoney Mustard or Sunny Day for the ultimate bright bathroom.

Cool things down a little with a fresh coat of white paint on your window frames, doors and ceiling. Keep the design all yellow and white for harmony or add pops of grey for a contemporary feel. When it’s time for a change, it’s easy to transform your yellow haven with other colours for décor, including stylish black, rich blue or pretty pink.

Fresh teal


Immerse yourself in the colour of seafoam and shimmering lakes with pale teal as the star of the show in your bathroom. Bringing an instant ‘seaside’ vibe, it’s almost impossible not to embrace serenity when you’re surrounded by shades of blue-green.

For walls and bathroom cabinets, consider the cool charm of Sea Urchin 5. Contrast the light with black or grey flooring and accessories, and balance the overall look with white accents. Wicker baskets, sea-themed ornaments and floor mats in natural materials polish the look until you can almost smell the salt air.

Choosing Dulux bathroom paint colours


If you want to try before you buy, download the free Dulux Visualizer app. Then, play with your favourite shades using augmented reality technology. Simply take a photo or video, tap your choices and watch the colour transform in your space. You don’t have to paint the walls to make a statement either, if that’s not an option for you. Simply dip your toes in by painting the cabinets or adding colourful accessories to experiment.

When you’ve chosen your favourite Dulux bathroom paint colours, Dulux Easycare Bathroom paint ensures they’ll last the distance. With a mould resistant formulation, it’ll protect your vibrant new colours for five years. Once you’ve finished decorating, look forward to inspiring mornings, relaxing evenings and a smile on your face every time you enter your new bathing haven.

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