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9 ideas to make your small white bathroom feel bigger

Small bathrooms are incredibly common in the UK, with the average floor space limited to just three square metres.


Luckily there are many ways to increase the amount of light and space in a small white bathroom, without resorting to renovation. Through smart decorating hacks you can simply create the illusion of a bigger space, without ever having to consider knocking down any walls. Read on for nine small white bathroom ideas that’ll magically make your space seem larger than it is.

How to decorate a small white bathroom

1. Use colourful accessories

While an all-white bathroom will never go out of style, it’s hard to show personality through plain décor. Adding pops of colour in your soft furnishings is a great way to add personality in the room without jeopardising the overall minimalist vibe. Accessories like towels, bathmats and shower curtains can be updated with the seasons for a room that looks the part all year round.

2. Use tiles to add depth and dimension to the space 

small white bathroom

In a small white bathroom, using tiles that reflect the light in the room is a great way to make the bathroom seem lighter and more spacious. If re-tiling isn’t on the agenda, use a white bathroom tile paint on existing tiles to achieve the same effect.

3. Consider your flooring

Enhance the space with clever flooring. Consider a faded, ombre effect with tiles that lead the eye towards a specific point in the room, as this will give the impression of space. Similarly, using the same tiles on the floor and the walls in an all-white bathroom will increase the impression of space, as the eye won’t see where one begins or ends.

4. Add hints of darker tones to contrast the white paint

If you find an all-white bathroom too sterile, consider adding darker tones to your flooring or shelving. The contrast of light and dark will create an element of interest for the eye to focus on, while allowing the white walls to dissolve away, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

5. Choose the right mirror for a bigger and brighter feel

small white bathroom with mirror

The basic function of a mirror is to reflect, so adding a large mirror into a small space will instantly create the illusion of more space and a larger area, through more reflected light in the room. Make a statement with a bold frame or choose a frameless mirror that blends seamlessly into the space. Don’t forget a tarnish-resistant coating to protect it from the high-moisture conditions.

6. Try all-white glossy finishes for a modern look

Anything with a high-gloss finish, like wall paints or bathroom cabinets will also act as a mirror, reflecting any light that does collect in the room. Stainless steel and metallic plumbing fixtures work in the same way, and they are also timeless, so you won’t have to update them as fashions change.

7. Position your furniture to get the most out of the natural light

small white bathroom details

In a small white bathroom, it’s important to keep the floor clear as much as possible, as cluttering it up with too much furniture will make the room seem cramped. Try a pedestal or a floating sink to keep the floor clear, and floating storage or a ladder shelf to ensure everything you need is within arm's length. Maximise the natural light with a clutter-free windowsill, as without heavy window dressings you enhance the amount of light being let into the room.

8. Clever storage solutions will de-clutter your space

Incorporate storage solutions into elements of your room to save on space. A tiled shower niche built into your shower wall will save you having to add a caddy to hold your toiletries, while a narrow ledge above the sink would be the perfect perch for a mirror and essential toiletries. Built-in shelves below the sink mean that additional furniture won’t be needed and will save on much-needed floor space in a small white bathroom, as will floating – or tiered shelving units.

9. Make the most out of awkward shapes and corners

If building or remodelling a bathroom from scratch, consider a small corner sink or shower unit. A smaller unit will still get the job done as well as the larger variety but will increase the amount of space left in the room for other things – and reduce the amount that needs cleaning! Installing compact pieces opens the space right up and allows for a small room to be just as functional without seeming crowded by fixtures.

Best white bathroom paint

It is important that you choose the right white paint for your bathroom project, especially for a room that will soon become one of the busiest in the home. Finding the right shade is the first hurdle, but the best white paint for a small bathroom can be found in the Easycare collection. This is an ideal product choice because of its durability and steam-resistant formula, which will keep your bathroom looking fresher for longer.

Just because a bathroom is on the small side, it doesn’t mean it has to feel small. Smart space saving storage and clever design elements can help to increase the amount of light and space in even the smallest room, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. For more small bathroom ideas, check out 5 ideas for upgrading your bathroom on a budget, or find more expert help for other DIY projects around your home. 

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