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Let's Colour: The Interior Design Podcast

As your (very excited) hosts, we’re inviting you to explore all things colour, home and decorating. We’ll be sharing ideas, telling stories, offering advice, as well as chatting with some pretty inspirational guests. Think of it as a space where we can all come together to find the joy in home improvements – and even the mishaps!

You can listen to all our episodes here. Plus, you’ll find all the links to our show notes below, which include the colours, inspiration, YouTube links and helpful articles that we talk about. You can even read our full manifesto on the hub by clicking this link.

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 So, press play and Let’s Colour!

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Episode 12 - Exploring Garden Colour Trends

Exploring Garden Colour Trends

Discover more about gardens and houseplants with expert Jane Perrone. There's also plenty of advice on painting garden walls and garden fence colour ideas.

Episode 11 - Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Simple Home Improvement Ideas

This home improvements episode covers feature walls & upcycling furniture with guests Jon Burns & Charlotte Beevor from Interior Design Masters.

Episode 10 - Spring Colours and Flower Arrangements

Spring Colours and Flower Arrangements

Learn about spring flower arrangements with Hannah Beckley from the British Florist Association. The team also explore the spring colour palette.

Episode 9 - Kitchen Trends and Colour Tastes

Kitchen Trends and Colour Tastes

Learn about key kitchen colour trends for 2021 and tasting different colours with Charles Spence. You'll also get tips on painting kitchen cabinets.

Episode 8 - yellow colour palette

Calming Colours for a Harmonious Home & Workspace

Join us as we discuss calming & relaxing colours. Discover how to pick the perfect shades to transform your hardworking space into a harmonious home.

Episode 6 - yellow colour palette

The colours of love with Francine Kaye

What makes colours romantic? Join us as we discuss colours of love, romantic bedroom colours & how to avoid colour clashes with special guest and relationship Guru Francine Kaye!

Episode 6 - yellow colour palette

A ray of sunshine

Let’s end series one on a happy note! We shine a light on the joyful yellow colour palette and chat to the jolliest person on the planet, Zoe Murphy, a furniture and textile printer from Margate. Plus, Dr Dulux takes you back to colour basics and gives you the antidote for how to paint a radiator.

Episode 5 - Blue colour palette

Colours with magical powers

There’s something magic about colour. Don’t you think? They have the power to make us feel better both in our homes and our bodies. In this episode, we explore the blue colour palette and how soothing colours can help relieve migraines. We also have tips on painting new plaster and chat about colours that reflect light.

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Gather round, it’s story time

Are you sitting comfortably? In this episode, we begin by sharing the story behind the Dulux Colour of the Year, Brave Ground. We pick the brains of colour consultant, Jim Biddulph, and you’ll hear top tips from Dr Dulux including painting over dark colours and how to choose colours for north facing rooms.

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Down the rabbit hole

What happens when you add grey to beige? You get the most versatile colour ever! In our third episode, we talk about the beautiful and practical greige colour palette. Plus, colour expert Laura Perryman stops by and Dr Dulux reveals some home office ideas. There’s also all-new colour confessions!

Episode 2 - Green palette

Show your plants some love

What colour makes you feel good? In this episode, we (Marianne and Steph) delve deep into the psychology of colour with Applied Colour Psychologist, Karen Haller. We explore the colour of the moment: the green colour palette. Plus, there’s tips on how to choose exterior house paint, a few children’s bedroom decorating ideas and more…

Episode 1 - red palette

We need colours like we need vitamins

Want to be part of something special? Join us, your hosts, Marianne and Steph as we begin our mission to add colour to your lives. We kick things off by revealing secrets about the red colour palette, chatting with fashion designer Kitty Joseph and sharing our tips on what to do with leftover paint.

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