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Dulux let's colour podcast #5

Find out how to incorporate Yellow at home and paint your radiator perfectly

This week we explore the yellow colour palette, from yellow bedrooms to colour basics with Zoe Murphy, while you ask “How do you paint a radiator?”.

Episode 6: A ray of sunshine

Let's colour podcast - episode 6

We made it! The final episode of the first series is here. But there’s no need to grab your tissues, we’re going out on a happy note and still have plenty to talk about.

Before we do, let’s catch up on life outside Let’s Colour. We’re excited for the return of Changing Rooms, with Dulux as proud sponsors. The iconic decorating show is partly the reason why we do what we do – and we hope the new series will inspire a whole other generation. And not to brag, we had the chance to meet Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen – a total fan girl moment!

We have also been focusing on mental health. Whether you’re juggling work, childcare or home decorating, it’s easy for things to pile up. Small self-care tasks can make a big difference. For example, Steph has been taking breaks in front of the telly and watching The Home Edit, The Social Dilemma and The Abstract.

Looking after your mental health is so important – now more than ever. So, if you’re struggling or know someone who is, there’s lots of support out there, like these trusted charities:

One great way to practice self-care is by listening to a podcast. With that said, you can catch up on the entire first series of Let’s Colour or tune into episode 6 now.  

Episode 6 is all about positivity. We discuss the joyful yellow colour palette and chat to the jolliest person on the planet, Zoe Murphy, a furniture and textile printer and designer from Margate. Plus, Dr Dulux gives you the antidote for how to paint a radiator.

Colour Lookbook: yellow colour palette

dulux colour futures coty 2021 timesless colors living room inspiration

We couldn’t finish the series without talking about the yellow colour palette. It’s one of the most fascinating colours on the spectrum and here’s why…

Many people like the yellow colour palette because of its connection with the natural world. After all, it’s the colour of sunshine, which instantly makes you feel happy. Hints of yellow can also be found in earthy tones, including one of the oldest colours on the planet: ochre. The yellow colour palette is stimulating, too. It stops us in our tracks and warns us of danger. Yet, some shades of yellow can be overstimulating and agitating if you don't use them carefully.

It's clear to see why people struggle to use the yellow colour palette in their homes. So, here are some ideas to help you live in harmony with yellow:

Use strong yellows as accents on your walls

dulux golden living room

Steph gave her dining space a lift by painting a geometric feature wall effect in Sweet Citrus. It’s a zingy, lime yellow, which adds energy to a communal, hard-working space. Yellow living rooms and yellow bedrooms are also becoming increasingly popular. Follow this link for gold living room ideas or discover how to brighten your bedroom with yellow.

Team the yellow colour palette with neutrals

dulux accent wall earthy tones

Right now, we’re all bringing elements of nature back into our homes. So, it’s no surprise that yellow has resurged in interiors at the moment. Particularly warm, earthy tones like ochres, mustards and golds, which help us reconnect with nature.

What are the best neutrals to team with yellow?

dulux colour futures coty timeless colors bedroom inspiration

Yellows, like ochre paint or mustard paint, work really well with greys because of that cold and hot combination. The yellow colour palette also beautifully complements neutrals, including our Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground. Golden tones found in the Timeless Palette look amazing with Brave Ground – take a look for yourself.

Or explore the entire Dulux Yellow Colour Palette and the Dulux Gold Colour Palette.

Special Guest: Zoe Murphy

zoe murphy by michael leckie

Zoe Murphy, photographed by Michael Leckie


Sticking with our happy, positive theme, we just had to speak to the sunniest person on the planet, Zoe Murphy.

Who is Zoe Murphy?

Zoe is a furniture and textile printer from Margate. She's one our favourite creatives and has given us hours of joy through these uncertain times with her energy and enthusiasm for life. Make sure you check out Zoe’s Instagram and YouTube channels.

What is your specialty?

“My main occupation is screen printing onto old pieces of furniture that people don't want anymore. But I am also passionate about sustainability. I work with any kind of recycled textiles or organic textiles that I think should be championed”.

What’s your main source of inspiration?

“When I first started screen printing, it was all about my seaside hometown of Margate. I wanted to revitalise the town and people's perceptions of it. I wanted to evoke the happy memories – and I still do”.

What’s your relationship with the yellow colour palette?

“I use yellow as a complementary colour for main colours, like pink. I use a lot of pink in my studio and painted the entire space in Rose Trellis 4. I mix a little bit of yellow with nearly everything I create. It warms everything up and brings it all into a kind of sunshine soaked palette”.

How does yellow make you feel?

“Yellow really boosts my mood. Because I only use it in little bursts, it gives me a little ray of sunshine. But like you’ve said, yellow is a complicated colour. It can be quite a raucous, outspoken colour. It isn’t always positive, but yellow will continue to reinvent itself”.

Have you got any tips on how to use the yellow colour palette?

“Use yellow in places where you want to be perked up – maybe in rooms where you spend your morning routine. I also choose yellow where I want my mental activity to be stimulated with the intensity of the colour. I wouldn’t use yellow on a great big wall or as a dominant colour. Perhaps use little pops of yellow on doorways or trims”.

Dr Dulux: how to create a colour scheme

bedroom timeless colour scheme

Before the surgery closes for the series, Dr Dulux had just enough time to get back to colour basics and answer two more of your DIY dilemmas.

Megha wants to know… how to create a colour scheme.

There are three main types of colour schemes:

  • Tonal – this is when you choose one colour and use different tones of the same colour across different elements of the room. For example, if you have a dark blue sofa, you might use a lighter shade of that colour on the walls.
  • Harmonious – these colours lie next to each other on the spectrum. They layer beautifully and connect together. So, if your central piece in the room is blue, you could choose teal blues and greens for your walls.
  • Contrasting – these colours are opposites, they lie on opposite sides of the spectrum. So, if you've got a blue sofa, you could pick orange. Or if you've got something red in the room, the opposite colour is green.
dulux visualizer yellow paint ideas

Need help with colour basics and choosing your paint palette? Get more tips. Or give the Dulux Visualizer a go to see how different colours look in your home, so you know you’ve made the right choice. A little known fact about the Dulux Visualizer is that it will also recommend palettes for the colour you are testing out.

Dr Dulux: how to paint a radiator

Refresh radiator tonal paint ideas

Alice in Brighton wants to know… how to paint a radiator.                                                

Radiators can be an eyesore. A quick fix is to give them a lick of paint and colour! Here are some of Dr Dulux’s top tips for painting radiators:

  • Avoid white paint if your room has a lot of colour – white can be quite stark and standout, so don’t be afraid to choose something different.
  • Paint your radiators in the same colour as your walls, or a complimenting tone – this will help them blend beautifully with the rest of your colour scheme

Simple steps for painting radiators:

  • Turn your radiators off, so the paint doesn’t crack! In winter, you might want to paint one radiator at a time
  • Clean your radiators with sugar soap and rinse with water
  • Apply your undercoat, like the Dulux Quick Dry Primer, with a radiator paint brush or roller
  • Apply one or two coats of your chosen colour in either a satin, eggshell or gloss finish (tip! satin and eggshell work well if you have a matt wall)


vincent van gogh portrait

We turned to Zoe Murphy for a feel good colour story about yellow – and help us end this episode on a happy note. Here’s what she had to say…

“I had the opportunity to watch a stop frame animation movie called Loving Vincent, which is about Vincent Van Gogh. The entire film is painted by hand, oil painted in his style. The colour yellow is really a significant colour in the film because it was such a strong colour in his palette”.

“I then went to the Van Gogh museum and saw some of his yellow paintings in real life. Having seen them move on screen and then being able to stand in front of those colours – the yellows and the blues – it was just so moving. The paintings bring me a lot of joy”.

“I only need to see a postcard of something that Van Gogh has painted that is yellow and I just fill with all of that nostalgia.”

Close-up pictures of Marianne Shillingford and Steph King

And just like that, the curtain closes on the first series of Let’s Colour.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes – it’s been an absolute privilege being a part of your lives over the past few months.

But this isn’t goodbye. We’ll be back soon to bring you a second series. So, make sure you hit that subscribe button on your preferred podcast platform! We’ve put all our latest episodes in one place too, you can find them here.

As always, your support means everything. We’ve had great feedback so far and you can hear what some of our listeners have been saying in episode 6. It’s not too late to have your say either, so please do leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you have time and tell us what you think of the show.

Until we meet again, Let’s Colour!


Got a decorating dilemma for Dr Dulux?

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