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Let’s Colour: The Interior Design Podcast

Let’s chat, let’s get creative, let’s colour with our new interior design podcast! Covering all things DIY and decorating.

Let’s chat and get creative!

People of Britain, we’re on a mission to give you all the fab decorating feels and bring back Britain’s home improvement mojo. And we want you to join us by tuning in to our DIY, painting and decorating podcast!

We’re your hosts, Marianne and Steph - just two people with a passion for colour and decorating, getting together and chatting about it.

Close-up pictures of Marianne Shillingford and Steph King

On our interior design podcast, we’ll talk about the things we find inspiring, interesting and frustrating about home life, decorating and colour. It’s real, surprising, insightful and most of all, really helpful. Alongside some special guests, we’ll be on hand to support, encourage and empower you with our best hints, hacks, tips and tricks that unleash your inner decorator, help find your personal style and make the process of having a beautiful home, fun.

So hit that subscribe button on Let’s Colour: The Interior Design Podcast, and join a community of likeminded home decorating enthusiasts. Share ideas and inspirational moments with us, and celebrate those times where things perhaps went a bit Pete Tong (because we’ve all been there!).

We’ll pop any useful links we talk about in the show notes (you’ll find all of these below), and if you like what you hear, let us know by leaving a review - it’ll make our day!

Paint red on the floor and wall with a dotted chair

Listen through our lookbook

How do you do a colour lookbook without pictures? By painting a picture in your head of course. From the most powerful colour on the planet to the most tranquil, in each episode we’ll pick our favourite shades and talk you through how to use them successfully in your home.

Kitty Joseph in front on a big colour palette

We gush over our great guests

Now this is one of our favourite parts of the podcast: the bit of the show where we talk to some amazing experts who share with us their incredible secrets. For example, we’ve been joined by Kitty Joseph, a print designer with a clothing label; and Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist and author of international bestseller A Little Book of Colour. We’re excited to get more special people behind the mic.

Paint brush green paint

Dr Dulux will see you now

Chatting to cool people is fun and all, but if we aren’t helping you get paint on your walls with confidence then we’ve failed in our mission to add some colour to your life. And that’s what our painting podcast is all about - tackling your real-life decorating questions and DIY dilemmas. We’ll literally answer everything from what to do with leftover paint to inspiring Micro Makeovers that will transform your room on a budget.

So get in touch here 'cos we're ready to help!

Yellow front door

Let’s colour me happy

Like we said before, we’re on a mission to give you all the fab decorating feels, so to finish off each episode, we’ll be sharing our favourite stories of how colour can bring joy. And not only will you leave us feeling super happy, but thanks to our show notes complete with all the colours, inspiration, YouTube links and helpful articles we talk about in each episode, you’ll leave us fully equipped and empowered to make your home beautiful, too. 

Now, press play and let’s colour!

So, whether you are in the middle of a full renovation project, buying your first place, looking for creative ways to update your rented home or just LOVE interiors, pop the kettle on, relax, rest your eyes even and tune in as we work our magic, empowering you to make your space everything you ever wanted.

You’ll find our Podcast here - don’t forget to subscribe! And if you want to make us happy in return, please give each episode a quick review!

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