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Changing Rooms Episode 6 Bury St Edmunds
Lift the Lid one last time

It’s a wrap on new Changing Rooms

Don’t miss the last episode of Lift the Lid, a special look at the Changing Rooms series finale. Go behind the scenes of every transformation and hear from handyman, Tibby Singh.

Go behind the scenes of the Changing Rooms series finale

Say it ain’t so! We’ve reached the series finale of Changing Rooms with Dulux, meaning we’re also drawing the curtains on Lift the Lid, our special Let’s Colour podcast.

In episode 6, the crew make one last stop in Bury St Edmunds and end the series with two spectacular designs. You can listen to the podcast now. Or read on for a round-up of what we talk about.

Remember, everything you need to know about the revival of this iconic show is in the Changing Rooms Hub now.

Changing Rooms: Episode 6

Transformation 1 – Jamie and Leanna

‘Ginterlude’ was Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s manifesto behind Jamie and Leanna’s living room makeover and is probably his most risky design of the series. He wanted to create the perfect spot to enjoy a much-needed glass of gin after a long day.

In this design, Laurence used dark, rich colours from the Dulux Heritage collection to create a cosy and intimate setting. Plus, Jamie’s concerns over the colour teal, didn’t stop Laurence from using two teal armchairs with racing car stripes as the focal point of the room!

Scroll down for Dr Dulux’ top tips on how to use a dark colour scheme in your home.

Dulux Heritage colours featured in Laurence’s design:  

Walls: Mallard Green, Wishbone White
Ceiling effect: Wishbone White, Boathouse Blue, Light Teal, Potters Pink
Terrazzo effect: Wishbone White, DH Grass Green, Light Teal, Ravens Flight
Chairs: Brushed Gold

Transformation 2 – Donna and Sarah

‘Pucker Up’ was Jordan and Russell’s theme for Donna and Sarah’s bedroom. You’re probably already thinking shades of pink and red, and you’d be right! The boys threw everything into their final look, more so as Donna wanted something eccentric and vibrant to match her personality. 2LG even hand painted red squiggles around the door to add a sense of playfulness to the room.

Dulux colours featured in the 2LG design:

Walls and Ceiling: Blush Pink
Spray Wall: Lady Penelope, Wild Poppy, Ruby Starlet, Lilac Orchid
Squiggle: Wild Poppy

Want to know more about the designs and reactions from episode 6? Head over to the Changing Rooms Hub.

Or join the Changing Rooms chat on Dulux Facebook and Instagram now. Post a comment on our grid or slide into our DMs – we’d love to hear from you! 

Special Guest: Tibby Singh the Carpenter

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s super-carpenter! In the final episode, we sat down with Tibby Singh, BBC Carpenter of the Year, multi-award-winning carpentry expert and Changing Rooms handyman. Here’s what Tibby had to say about his time on the show.

“It's an absolute pleasure to work with them all. Working with quintessential interior designers like Laurence and Russell and Jordan is just unbelievable.”

We asked Tibby more about his important role on set.

“There was a lot to think about, trying to get both projects finished was challenging to say the least. The trade teams we were working until 10, 11, 12 o'clock at night.”

“I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I was a bit apprehensive to start off with, I kept thinking… how am I going to do all these tasks in such a tight deadline? But I’m an optimist too, I had to get the job done!”

When we asked Tibby what his favourite design was, he said “Swansea was definitely at the top of the list. I can't say too much, but it involved lots of exotic colours and the work I had to do was risky. If this goes wrong, it's literally game over.”

Tune in to get more on-set scoop from Tibby, including what’s in his toolbox and the tools he’d recommend you use for your decorating projects. 

Dr Dulux: Decorating techniques from the show

In this part of our special podcast series, Dr Dulux explains how you can recreate the painting techniques from the show in your own home.

Transformation 1: How should you use dark, rich colours?

If you’re going to commit to dark colours, then Dr Dulux says you must really commit to them. This means using them in more than one place or pairing dark colours with other shades.

In Jamie and Leanna’s living room, Laurence painted Mallard Green on the walls and around the window, alongside Wishbone White to let natural light flood into the room.

Another top tip is to use Dulux Simply Refresh paint. Its one-coat formula lets you get the most out of every colour even faster!

Find more colour ideas and painting techniques on the Dulux YouTube channel. 

Transformation 2: How should you use strong punchy shades like bright red?

Red can be incredibly powerful, bringing energy and warmth to a room. But these strong, punchy shades can also be overwhelming and scary to use for the first time.

The trick here is to ease yourself into the colour family. Use shades of red as details or accents around your room or even try softer shades of pink.

Jordan and Russell went for a combination of Blush Pink on the walls in Donna and Sarah’s bedroom, and then Wild Poppy around the doors and trim.

Find out how 2LG created their signature red squiggle in this video.

That’s a wrap on Lift the Lid!

And just like that our special series of the Let’s Colour podcast comes to a close.

You can catch up on every episode now on your favourite platforms or follow this link.

From getting to know the cast to diving into every dazzling makeover, we’ve had an absolute blast going behind the scenes of all-new Changing Rooms and hope you have, too.

Make sure you leave us a review, if you have a spare moment, so we know what you’ve enjoyed listening to and what we can do better next time.

Thanks for tuning in!

Marianne & Steph.

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