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Changing Rooms Episode 2 Cardiff
Catch up with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Italian Style Transformations

Marianne and Steph chat all things Italian style in episode 2 of Lift the Lid, this episode we catch up with Changing Rooms legend Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

If you’re anything like us, you’re only just getting over the excitement of Changing Rooms returning to our screens.

Well, we’re at it again, with a new instalment of our special Let’s Colour Podcast series ‘Lift the Lid’, covering every colour, technique and juicy detail from the show.

Episode 2 of Changing Rooms takes us to Cardiff, where the crew make some risky design moves, which as you can imagine, gets those unmissable dramatic reactions. Visit the Changing Rooms hub to find out more.

Here’s a roundup of what we talk about in the podcast.

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Changing Rooms: Episode2

Transformation 1 – Living Room

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen puts a modern twist on the classic Venetian style in Theresa and Andrew’s home. From the ombre walls to the black and white furnishings, this type of Italian interior is all about adding drama and glamour to a space.

Dulux colours featured in Laurence’s design:

Woodland Trail

Transformation 2 – Open plan living area

The 2LG team took a different approach to their Italian transformation, they were inspired by the bright shades of gelato. From the striped ceilings to the colourful divide to the unique tabletop, Jordan and Russell injected joy into every element of the room.

Dulux colours featured in 2LG’s design:

Prom Queen
Coral Charm
Cucumber Water

You can find out more about this episode of Changing Rooms and get the homeowner’s reactions, here.

Or join the Changing Rooms chat on the Dulux Facebook and Instagram. Post a comment on our grid or slide into our DMs. We want to know what you think!

Special Guest: Changing Rooms star, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Changing Rooms legend, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, stopped by for a chat and to share the inside scoop on the return of this iconic show.

Laurence tells us why the first series was so successful.

“It felt so real. Changing Rooms was literally the first reality show… when you were watching it, you would see as much of the stuff that went wrong, as the stuff that went right”.

And discussed his involvement in this year’s reboot.

“I was interested when the news came that Dulux was sponsoring it. This takes it into a different sphere. To be able to create rooms that you are proud of rather than you feel that you've just got away with. That’s a big difference”.

He also reveals his favourite design from the new series.

“It’s in Leeds, where I take a colour scheme and turn the volume up on it, like you wouldn't believe”.

Plus, Laurence tells us what he really thinks of his new castmates and reveals the reason behind those famous leather trousers!

Dr Dulux: Decorating techniques from the show

In this part of our special podcast series, Dr Dulux explains how you can recreate the painting techniques from the show in your own home.

Transformation 1: How do you create a striking ombre effect?

The first part is really easy, you simply need to paint your colours on your walls. In this episode of Changing Rooms, Laurence chose Swansdown for the top section of the wall and Woodland Trail for the bottom.

Now for the tricky part, creating that ombre effect. It’s all about reactivating your paint colours. You want to wet them again with a spray bottle and then use crisscross or horizontal brush strokes to softly blend the two shades together.

For a simple step-by-step guide, watch this how-to video.

Dr Dulux top tip: the ombre effect works much better if the colours are a similar tone.

Transformation 2: How do you paint stripes on a ceiling?

In our previous show notes, Dr Dulux discussed the steps you need to take when painting a ceiling to keep yourself and others safe.

When it comes to painting stripes on your ceiling, you need to master the art of paining a string and using masking tape to achieve straight lines.

Not sure what we mean by this? Watch this video for a handy demonstration from our experts.

Up next: Episode 3 with Jordan and Russell from 2LG

Next time on Lift the Lid, we catch up with Jordan and Russell from 2LG and see how they’re settling into Changing Rooms life.

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Marianne & Steph.

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