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Dulux let's colour podcast #10

Spring Colours and Flower Arrangements

Learn about spring flower arrangements with Hannah Beckley from The British Florist Association. The team also explore the spring colour palette.



We’re refreshing our homes with spring colours, are you?

marianne shillingford houseplants against white brick wall

Spring has officially arrived, and if you’re anything like us, you’re overjoyed that it’s finally here!

The days are getting warmer and brighter. The flowers are starting to bloom, and the birds are tweeting once more.

Marianne has been getting her roof garden spring-ready, from refreshing her compost to nurturing her flowers. Want to tidy up your outdoor space? Find out how Marianne created a hanging herb garden.

The arrival of spring also signals the start of a busy decorating season. It’s when we welcome spring colours into our homes. The quality of light changes and we can appreciate nature's colours in all their glory. It’s why many Dulux colour names are rooted in flowers and horticulture, and what makes spring colours, feel good colours.

Series 2, Episode 4 is all about how to pick the perfect spring colour palette. Plus, our special guest from The British Florist Association has tips on flower arrangements. And Dr Dulux shares the top colours for north facing rooms.

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Colour lookbook: spring colours

lavender exterior front door

In this episode, we take you through three ideas for a spring colour palette, and how you can refresh your home.

The greens

spring colours everglade forest

Green is often a colour associated with spring because of its strong connections with nature. It’s also a popular spring colour palette at the moment. More and more people are looking to bring the outside in. Perhaps as an antidote to lockdown?

Greens are powerful spring colours, too. They can be soothing and calming, as well as moody and dramatic.

Marianne & Steph's top picks:

  • Everglade Forest is a rich, deep green. It’s part of the Simply Refresh Feature Wall range and really packs a punch. Use it as a big band across your living room wall or as an arch behind your WFH zone.

  • Teal Tension combines the best qualities of blue and green. It reminds us of clear blue skies and crystal-clear water, a refreshing look for any room.

We’re seeing lots of soft sage greens popping up in people’s homes too. You can always count on Tranquil Dawn at this time of year. Explore the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020, here.

The pastels

spring colour palette pastel feature wall

There’s nothing sweeter than pastel delights in spring. A pastel spring colour palette will breathe new life into your home and bring a sense of happiness and joy to your surroundings.

Marianne & Steph's top picks:

  • Marianne loves soft, dried petal pastels. They’re much quieter than sugary pastels. Her favourite is Ash Rose, a mature pink that gives a warm nostalgic feeling to your décor.

  •  Peppermint Candy is a fresh, minty green. It’s Inspired by the soft colours found in ice-cream sundaes. See how we use this spring colour palette, here.

  •  Wild Primrose is a breezy yellow that captures the spring sunshine, without being too overwhelming. It’s one of our top colours for north facing rooms.

  • Lavender Quartz is a dusky, deep shade of lavender. It’s one of our most sophisticated spring colours. It works well with a strong white or vivid black. Use it on your front door for a striking, attention-grabbing look. Get ideas, here.

The brights

white living room bright colourful accents

When we think bright colours in spring, we think about all the floral shades popping up everywhere. When decorating, you should be cautious with brights. We suggest using them sparingly. Why not start with an upcycling project? Or we have more ideas for bright colour schemes to inspire your spring colour palette.

Dr Dulux: colours for north facing rooms

This is the part of the podcast where our own doctor of decorating, Marianne, prescribes the antidote for your DIY ailments.

Evie from Northampton asks Dr Dulux: “I have a smallish north facing living room. How can I make it feel lighter and brighter?”
pink sandstone cream walls

North facing rooms can feel dull and cold because they get little natural light. Spring colours are perfect for these rooms. Warm tones help to reflect light and stop them feeling so gloomy.

Dr Dulux suggests Primrose White, a pale yellow to give the room a hint of sunshine. Or Blush Pink, a delicate petal pink to make the room feel open and fresh. Or for a subtle, yet warm neutral, go for Summer Linen. The image shown here is Pink Sandstone.

You can try out any of the spring colours we’ve mentioned with a Dulux roller tester. Or learn how to decorate a north facing room.

Top interior tip: furnish with house plants and greenery to bring the outside in!

Dr Dulux: How to quickly decorate a bedroom

An Instagram follower asks Dr Dulux: “We’ve been doing up our house and our bedroom is the last room to be decorated. I’m thinking greens or teals, but lacking inspiration and energy. Can you help?”
decorated bedroom green dulux simply refresh

It sounds like you’re running out of steam and need to get the job done – quick! In which case, new Dulux Simply Refresh is for you. Available in two ranges, pick Simply Refresh One Coat for an entire room makeover, or Simply Refresh Feature Wall for a style statement.

Both are backed by the One Coat Guarantee – you get coverage in just one coat, or your money back*.

Plus, they come in a variety of classic to contemporary colours, including lots of gorgeous greens and teals. You’ll find Tranquil Dawn, Emerald Glade, Ink Well and Everglade Forest in the Simply Refresh ranges, if you want to add a splash of colour to your room.

Special Guest: Hannah Beckley from The British Florist Association

hannah beckley

For our spring special, it was only fitting that we invited someone from The British Florist Association to talk to us about spring colours – and flower arrangements.

We spoke to the lovely Hannah Beckley. Hannah is studying Floristry at Moreton Morrell College and works part time as a florist. Most impressively, Hannah competed at Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, and is hoping to compete for the country in Shanghai!

Hannah goes on to tell us why spring colours are so important and how they can add warmth and a sense of freshness to our lives.

“They create a stamp of new chapter – it’s like a bit of a push!”



Hannah had a Feel Good Colour moment a few weeks ago. In the podcast, she tells us how a shade of Aquamarine blue reminded her of being on holiday – somewhere we all wish we could be right now.  

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Happy Spring – and happy listening!

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