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How to get white right

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Almond White

White can be one of the trickiest colours to get right, as there are so many styles of the versatile shade, from warm to cool and everything in-between, while different finishes and lights can result in wildly varying looks.

The good news is that white has come on leaps and bounds in recent years to offer hues that are anything like the cold and clinic iterations of yesteryear. In fact, modern takes are giving a fresh twist to the traditional colour with whites that help create inviting spaces to welcome rest and relaxation, calm and concentration.

But it’s no coincidence. Increasingly, we’re looking at our homes as sanctuaries away from the chaos of the outside world, providing a blank canvas for simpler, more streamlined lives. You only need to look at new trends such as ‘home hushing’ – the delicate art of turning down the visual noise of your décor to create tranquillity – to realise that less has never been more.  

Better still, white is one of the most flexible colours in the spectrum, working for any space and with any taste, not to mention pairing with every palette. But the best bit? It’s utterly timeless, meaning a wash of its wonder on your walls won’t need to be repainted again next year, as it’s eternally trendy.

Marianne Shillingford, our creative director, says: “With so many beautiful shades of white paint out there, it’s often difficult to choose the perfect one for your project. But there are some really useful tips you can follow to make your decisions so much simpler.”

Here, we guide you through its nuances and show you how to apply different shades for your rooms with contrasting results.

Paintbrushes at-the-ready.

Kitchen confidential

You’ll want to keep this to yourself, but white for the kitchen walls can be one of the cleverest decisions you make when it comes to decorating, as it will always be in style and never clash with your cabinetry (no matter how creative you get!). Here, we’ve used creamy Orchid White in tough and washable Easycare to lighten and brighten a cool north-facing kitchen thanks to a touch of yellow in its pigment. It’s been paired with complementary Timeless cabinets – its floral properties emitting a soft glow – in wipeable Easycare. Picking out the shelves and stools in Rich Black makes both whites pop. The result is a room that acts as an energetic and elegant backdrop for busy mornings and cosy evenings.

Living room luxe

Cool and refreshing, White Cotton has been painted on the walls of this living room in hard-wearing Easycare to create a zen and serene space for kicking back and relaxing after a hard day’s work, whether entertaining friends or binging a boxset. Hints of green in the hue contrast nicely with a ceiling in crisp Pure Brilliant White, while furniture and soft furnishings in soft pastels and neutral shades add to the harmonious ambience. Meanwhile, a radiator in Absolute White and skirting in Polished Pebble – using Simply Refresh Multi-surface featuring 2-in-1 paint and primer that can be applied directly to metal and wood – add further definition to the walls. And breathe…

Bedroom beautiful

Now, more than ever, quality sleep has never been more connected to health and wellbeing, so give yourself the best chance of a good night’s slumber with a room that’s blissfully restful. All four walls of this bedroom have been painted in warm Frosted Dawn using tough and washable Easycare to set the scene for seriously sweet dreams. Clean, uncluttered and minimalist – without being sterile – it’s a space that beckons you to slip between the sheets and shut your eyes. Positively dreamy.

Spa style

A bathroom should be somewhere conducive to recharging your batteries – a ‘spathroom’, perhaps? – whether a power shower to wash off the worries of the day or a long soak in the tub to let your stresses drift away. Here, we’ve painted the bathroom walls in perfectly balanced Jasmine White in Easycare Bathroom for a cocooning and comforting effect, enveloping you in five-star luxury the moment the step through the door. The vanity unit has been given a sophisticated makeover in sandy Egyptian Cotton while the skirting in crisp Absolute White adds the finishing touch. All the style of a boutique hotel from the comfort of home.

Dramatic dining room

Arguably, the dining room – or zone – is where you want to dial up the drama, but you still need décor that’s easy to live with. Here, we’ve struck the perfect balance between creative and calm by painting a section of the wall and ceiling in dusky Pressed Petal offset against Nutmeg White using wipeable Easycare. Not only does the white make the pink pop, but it means that the latter isn’t overpowering in an open-plan space, carving out a social corner that sets the scene for social occasions without doing all the talking when you’re not hosting.

More ways with white from Marianne

  1. “The first thing to consider is choosing the right colour temperature of white for the room you’ll be using it in. There are warm whites and cool whites. Warm whites have hints of warming colours like pink, orange and yellow and are perfect for teaming with stronger warm colours to help make north-facing rooms feel cosier. Try warm whites like Timeless, Jasmine White and Icing Sugar.”
  2. “Cool whites contain hints of cool colours like blue, green and violet. These whites are perfect for teaming with stronger cool colours, neutrals and greys. They help to balance the heat in a south-facing room and add an element of tranquillity and calm to all rooms. Try cool whites like Chalk Dust, Rock Salt and White Cotton.”
  3. “So what about a white that works with both cool and warm colours equally well? Or a white that you can use in every room no matter what colour you team it with? Try Timeless, and if you really want a pure white that has absolutely no hint of colour in it at all, choose Pure Brilliant White.”


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