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5 Ideas For Cool Study Spaces

Take note of these clever ideas that’ll switch up your study scenery.


Whether it’s a space for paying bills, getting crafty or for late night study sessions - a nice area in the home set for your chores can make work seem refreshingly calm, or a little more inspiring. Read up on these fives simple ideas to update your study space:

1. Zone in

If your study space is more of a ‘space’ and less of a room, zoning in on wall space with a lick of colour can mentally separate a multi-functional room. The beauty in this technique is that you can create a study zone as small or large as you please. So if you’re working with a small space, you can paint a small, light section like Mobel Pobel (above right). Or use a deep blue shade like Lost Lake for a sophisticated and larger study zone.

2. All by my shelf

You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to a home office or homework spot. A cosy corner will work just as well. If you don’t have a lot of room for a desk, install a wall-mounted desktop or a shelf in the corner of your living room (or bedroom). Go for a calm and cool shade of blue such as Teal Facade to keep concentration levels up. Hang a few prints and photos for inspiration and complete the look with a cool lamp and some office accessories - ta-da!

3. Zest for life

For ultimate peace and quiet, position your study space in a shed or garden room, a little away from the hub of the home. Paint the wall your garden desk a bright, stimulating shade such as Forest Falls 1or with zesty oranges. Picking such bright, energetic shades will (almost) guarantee settling down to work a joy.

4. Wonder walls

A pegboard wall is useful as well as chic. A clean and organised work station increases productivity after all, so take all the clutter off your desk and display them on your board, like this desk by Curate & Display (top left). You can get the same effect by using cork tiles, which have the added bonus of being sound insulation too, so you can get your head down in peace and quiet…

5. Serene studying

An attic space is a good quiet spot for studying in the home. And by choosing a pale, soothing green for your study space you can extend a gentle calmness in your quiet study spot. Pale shades like celadon, eau de nil and mint green are said to provide a peaceful ambiance, relieve tension and alleviate migraine headaches – try the appropriately named Wellbeing. Just add your favourite piece of artwork to your wall and you’ll have something interesting to focus on when you’re taking a mental break.

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