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These 19 Home Office design ideas will give your space a vibrant lift

As more of us are beginning to work from home full time, showing your home office space some love with bold colours and useful design additions is a wonderful way of cultivating a creative and optimised work environment. So how do you find the perfect balance between productivity and comfort? To help you boost your headspace and productivity levels at any room size and budget, our team of design experts have made a list of 19 home office decor ideas that you can recreate at home for the perfect, personalised workflow.


1. Transform an unused space

Room features such as closets can often go unused or overlooked when it comes to decorating, but they are a great opportunity to add some charm to your room! We recommend giving them a zesty coat of paint, like Lemon Tropics, and adding some shelving for your personal items. You can even remove the closet door to transform it into a handy recessed shelf.

2. Decorate with neutral colours

Neutral colours are the perfect choice for creating a chic visual palette. They can also be useful for people who want to optimise their focus by reducing ambient stimulation. We recommend choosing neutral shades with a warm undertone, like Brave Ground, to help bring the sunshine to your home office. 

Paint: Brave Ground

3. Paint a bold accent wall

Playing with bold colours is a way to fully personalise your home office and adding some playfulness to your working hours. We recommend choosing an area with plenty of natural light to bring your vibrant colours to life.

Paint: Brave Ground

4. Use creative wall paint techniques

Paint techniques such as this two-tone wall is a simple yet sophisticated decorating addition that can really add some style impact to your space. We recommend choosing a light and a dark colour pairing to give your walls a dynamic sense of personality.  

Paint: Brave Ground

 5. Keep furniture minimalist

Sometimes clean and simple is the best choice for creating a focused work environment. Minimalist furniture is a great choice for designing a chic space while also keeping your home office optimised for work. This neutral colour palette uses Brave Ground, our Dulux colour of the year 2021

Paint: Brave Ground

6. Look to playful accessories

Choosing accessories that offer both style and function is one of the easiest ways to transform your workspace. Additions such as this clip organiser help to personalise your workspace with reminders and notes, as well as treasured memories. 

Paint: Safari Spice

7. Bring in comfort

A great benefit to working from home is the freedom to add furniture that is both comfy and unique. We recommend having fun with your seating choices to find the perfect work throne. Remember to choose a seat with an ergonomic design to keep your work posture healthy.

Paint: Safari Spice

8. Use shelves for storage

Shelves aren’t just a great storage option, they can also serve as a perfect desk setup for your home workstation. This design method can be especially useful for smaller spaces that need to maximise floor space, as standard desks can sometimes take up too much room. 

9. Decorate with bright houseplants

Leafy friends are a wonderful addition to any room of the home, and we think that they’re a great choice for your work environment! Houseplants not only help to create a relaxing sense of nature, but giving them some quick and easy maintenance at the start of your day can be a great way to kick off your work routine. A muted wall colour like Goose Dawn will make your beloved houseplants appear even more vibrant.

Paint: Goose Down

10. Add warming wooden accents

Wood is a classic natural material that can help to give your space a sense of warmth and character. Furniture in natural materials is a great option for bringing another touch of nature to your work space.

11. Opt for a statement desk chair

Your home office gives you complete freedom to do away with the expectations of standard workplace seating, so why not choose a bold desk chair? Matching the material of your seating to the surface of your desk is a clever option for giving your workspace a sense of visual balance. 

12. Choose small stools

Stools are a stylish and practical option for smaller spaces and are perfect for modular decorating. This gives you the freedom to rearrange your workspace if you like to switch things up every once and awhile. This visual palette uses neutrals that have been selected for their calming and professional atmosphere.  

Paint: Brave Ground

13. Create a wall of art

What’s one of the best parts of working from home? We think it’s enjoying a unique visual environment that you adore. Creating a wall of art is perfect for making your workspace feel creative, personal and inviting.

14. Build a floating console table

Look mum, no legs! Floating consoles are a dynamic and easy-to-install piece of furniture that really sets your personal style away from the rest. These are also an excellent option for maximising the floor space of smaller rooms.

Paint: Lost Lake

15. Maximise your hallway

Hallways can sometimes be cluttered with large furniture or other items, making them feel smaller than they actually are. We recommend maximising your feeling of space by keeping your hallway free of large objects and finding a free area of your room to rehome them. 

16. Place your office near a window

Natural light has a bunch of health benefits, as well as providing your home office with a free source of lighting! We recommend finding a space with plenty of natural light to receive all of the benefits of sunlight. If you’re not lucky enough to have a green outlook from your window, fake it ‘til you make it with a splash of green paint like Forest Falls.

17. Add soft rugs or carpets

Make your space feel soft and welcoming as soon as you step inside! Faux fur rugs and carpets are both lovely additions to your workspace, adding sensory comfort but also giving your room an intriguing change of texture. 

18. Bring a pop of colour to your existing space

You would be surprised at how transformative a pop of bold colour can be! This is a great option for anyone wanting to show their current space some love without the need for major redecorating. Choose a wall or woodwork for decorating and you can have a new office in a weekend. We’ve tried it here with Collective Coral.

19. Create multi-purpose walls

Pegboard and cork are two clever materials to use for accent walls or panels. Both allow you to easily hang and switch up display items. Pegboard is well suited to carrying heavier loads, while cork is perfect for organising notes and artwork. This offers your home office plenty of stylish and creative utility.

When it comes to creating the perfect home office for your personal goals, it’s important to focus on reducing clutter, using natural light sources, embracing a touch of colour and looking for stylish room accessories that offer a multi-use function.

Want to continue your inspiration journey? Visit our ideas page to search for more decorating ideas sorted by room and colour

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