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Green living room
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Green Living Room Inspiration

Whether you need to cheer up a north-facing room or simply bring a touch of spring into your home, a modern green living room can be as soothing as it is strong, depending on the shade you go for. With our green living room tips, tricks and FAQs, you'll find your ideal shade in no time.

Bring calm to your living room with shades of green

Make an impact with green

Green paint evokes a sense of balance and connection with nature, making an overall space feel calm and peaceful. An excellent alternative to greys and neutrals, a dark green living room can make dark areas appear rich. Meanwhile, muted tones create the illusion of a larger space. Bright emerald and lime hues team perfectly with whites and creams, and teal shades complement metallics.

Whether you want to keep things neutral with a willow green living room or make an impact with dark olive, get ready to find the perfect colour with us. What’s more, green pairs effortlessly with a range of other shades, making it a versatile option when decorating.

Green Living Room Inspiration

At Dulux, we have all the green living room ideas you need to transform your home. Browse our articles below to find out how to make this colour work in your lounge. 

Green Shades for your Living Room

Whether you want to create a sage green living room or an emerald green living room, there are plenty of fabulous paint shades to choose from in our carefully curated range. It’s all about finding the right colour to refresh and energise your lounge. Green has long been associated with harmony and restoration, and there many ways to incorporate it into your space. 

Make your living room stand out with vibrant wall art or green sofas to match the walls. Whether you add a pop of colour with light green or create a dramatic effect with a darker shade, the options are endless.

Episode 2 The Green Colour Palette

Let's Colour Podcast #2: The Green Colour Palette

Want even more tips and advice on how to use a green colour palette? Listen to our Let’s Colour podcast for all things interior design. Tune in as we reveal why you should incorporate this feel-good shade into your home, from the living room to a children’s bedroom. This episode also features insight from colour expert Karen Haller, who gives her opinion on the green colour palette.

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