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Colour Lookbook: Nine Decades of Gorgeous Greens - Evergreen Interior Design Inspiration with Dulux

Green has been one of our nation’s favourite colours for almost a century. It plays an iconic role in our history, from British racing green and the gentle pastel hues of the 1930s, all the way up to today with our continued fondness for natural-feeling, green decorating.

Light greens are renowned for their subtle, calming effect - but green also has the power to be moody and dramatic, with the right usage. It’s a power colour, and there’s a reason it’s stayed in vogue for so long.

Read on for evergreen interior design inspiration from the last 90 years, and start going green...


evergreen interior design

The verdant 1930s

The early 20th century, in particular the post-war 1930s, was awash with gentle, calming greens. Sage green paint was hugely popular, as well as the still hugely popular Eau de Nil. Soothing, nature-inspired decor was the order of the day, in combination with clean, modern art deco.

What made pastel greens so popular back then - their restful, idyllic effect on our homes - is enjoying a renaissance today, as contemporary homeowners look to escape the increasing intensity of 21st century life and find a little relaxation in nature.

Green is great for those seeking bedroom ideas and living room ideas - as these are areas where we tend to unwind, switch off, and sink back into the lush surroundings.

evergreen interior design

Green colour combinations

The vibrant 1950s saw a return to upbeat colours inspired by the natural world. This was an era defined by blue-green tones, turquoises, as well as darker emerald green paint.

Blues and greens are of course natural companions, but your options for colour combinations don’t stop there. Earthy tones and greys make for ideal green partners.

Alternatively, dark green paint is bold enough to hold its own. Layering your walls and furniture with the rich hues of the forest can have a striking effect, while not being too overpowering to cancel out any relaxing atmosphere at home.

For more green inspiration, or to check out our entire Dulux green paint range, explore more here.

dulux green paint range

Explore a splash of green in your home

As we’ve seen, green paint continues to adorn the walls of beloved homes to this day. Our 2020 Dulux Colour of the Year, Tranquil Dawn, is a delightfully subtle shade that evokes the beauty of a morning sky, and is a fabulous choice for contemporary living rooms.

But if you’re not sure if green is the way to go, we have the perfect solution. Our innovative Dulux Visualiser App lets you see how any space in your home might look with a different shade, utilising augmented reality technology.

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tranquil dawn living room

From green to gold and every shade between

At Dulux, we’re proud of our richly coloured history, helping to define over 90 years of bold, beautiful British design. Our new limited-edition Anniversary Book is packed with interior design inspiration, bedroom and living room ideas, and more, in 200 gorgeously glossy pages.

If you’ve enjoyed this exploration of nine decades of green, there’s plenty more to explore. Grab your copy today, and make your friends green with envy...

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