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Dr Dulux: How To Create a Warm, Relaxed Feel In Any Room

Want to create a cosy and comfy atmosphere in your home? It’s time to reconsider your colour scheme!

Warm colours have the ability to lift the level of cosiness in any room and can make you feel like you’re being greeted by a big, warm hug every time you enter the space. Warm paint colours typically consist of oranges, reds and yellows. But warm tones of blues and greens can give your room a snug feel, too.

Whether you’re decorating your living room, kitchen or bedroom, here are Dr Dulux’s cosy room ideas for creating a more inviting space, with suggestions for warm colour schemes. 


Living room

Create a statement wall 

Looking for cosy living room ideas? The living room is the heart of the home, so making sure it serves as a welcoming space is essential.

One way to create a warm and cosy effect is to paint a bold statement wall. Here we’ve used Emerald Glade, but you could create a warm yet striking statement wall with whatever colour suits your style.

If you’re looking for open plan living room ideas, this one may be for you. It will add a focal point and accentuate your space.

You can complement your statement wall by adding furniture with gold accents. Adding neutral furniture will help to keep the focus on the wall. Alternatively, incorporate bold furniture to create a luxurious effect. 

Consider darker colours

Who said warm colour schemes have to be limited to lights and brights? Dark, moody hues of blues and greens can be used to create lively and energetic spaces, too. The vibrancy and intensity of Emerald Glade, especially when paired with pink and gold accessories, is the perfect choice for active rooms.

Incorporate different hues and tones

Using a variety of warm colours on your walls and ceilings is a guaranteed way to create a feeling of cosiness in your living room, especially in rooms with high ceilings. Painting your ceiling helps to give the illusion of it being lower, which instantly helps to make it feel cosier.

By contrasting a light colour like Moon Shimmer with a darker colour like Damson Dream, you achieve a layered and complementary look – especially when paired with a warm colour on the ceiling like Summer Surprise.

Add colour in layers

Layering is all about bringing different elements of your room together. To achieve this look and create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere, you’ll want to use similar warm colours throughout your room. This means not only painting your walls and woodwork but applying warm paint colours to your accessories and furniture, too.

Spruce up your woodwork

Whether it’s a palette wood coffee table, a rustic mantlepiece or a big wooden wall, adding a warm colour can transform the woodwork in your living room. Paints such as Dulux Satinwood can transform the room into a rejuvenated statement. Here we’ve used Cherished Gold to add a pop of colour, which exudes energy and positivity. 

Add some colour to your bookshelves

Adding a pop of colour to your bookshelves will add warmth, intrigue and character to your cosy living room. You could add a darker tone to add depth and definition or paint your shelves a lighter colour to add brightness. Here we’ve used Heart Wood, Floating Petal and Heather Climb, which help to add subtle yet effective character to the storage space in your cosy lounge.

To complete the look, dress up your bookshelves with books, decorative ornaments and sentimental trinkets – achieve a coordinated look by colour coding them in line with your chosen paint!

Make your furniture a focal point

One way to welcome warm living room colours into your home is by choosing a colourful sofa or armchair. Making your seating the focal point creates a colour statement and gives you chance to add texture and pops of warm colours with pillows and throws. Here we’ve used Blush Pink as the backdrop for this gorgeous, golden armchair.

Upcycle Existing Furniture

Instead of forking out for a new chair or coffee table, why not upcycle furniture you already have? Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have the freedom to choose from a range of warm colours. We painted this cupboard in Chic Shadow. You can find out how we did it here.


Bring in warm neutrals

Our cosy bedroom ideas are perfect for transforming your space. More than ever, warm neutral paint colours are finding their way into warm home colour schemes. Brave Ground is a warm, earthy neutral that works well in any room and allows other shades to shine.

Both grounding and comforting, Brave Ground is a beautiful colour for a master bedroom where you want to feel snug and safe.

Don't write off grey just yet

When you think cosy colour schemes, you might not think grey, but this much-loved shade can give your home a comfy, laidback vibe. There are lots of soft, warm greys out there that do this well. We used Natural Slate as the backdrop for this spare bedroom and packed the space with bright, lively colours through accessories and artwork. 


Wrap your room in warm colours

When it comes to cosy kitchen ideas, don’t forget about the ceiling. 

We used Heart Wood for this kitchen ceiling and Polished Pebble on the remaining walls. The heathery blush colour with its warm tones of pink gives the room a cosy, cocoon-like feel.

When incorporating warm hues and tones into your home, there are plenty of combinations you can use to transform your space into a cosy haven. For more inspiration, check out these warm colour ideas for suggestions to spruce up your space.

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