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Dulux grey green living room ideas

5 Grey and Green Living Room Ideas

Get inspired with Dulux’s grey and green living room ideas, a perfect combination of neutral and botanical. Discover how to transform your living room here.

A grey and green living room is the perfect combination of neutral and botanical and is a fantastic way to bring a little bit of nature into a space that might be lacking in natural light. The shade of green can be as subtle as Tranquil Dawn or as bold as Buckingham or Pixie Green, as once paired with a neutral like grey the bold addition is naturally diluted.

Whether you’re looking for grey and green living room ideas that add a bit of drama, or something a little more classic and calming, there’s a look for every space no matter how big or small – and no matter how much natural light your space might be blessed with. 

Grey and green living room decorating ideas


1.      Light grey and green for a calming feel 

dulux light grey and green

A green and grey living room should begin with soft shades on the walls and be complemented with elements like reclaimed wooden furniture, indoor plants, and soft grey furnishings. When we are feeling stressed (increasingly so, in these busy and chaotic times), it helps to reduce visual noise. Using soothing colours such as Tranquil Dawn to create a neutral living room can melt the walls away and help us to reconnect with nature.

2.      Complement your grey with sage green for a modern look

dulux sage green modern

If you are wanting to channel Mother Nature in your colour scheme, then a grey and sage green living room is a great colour scheme for a modern, polished look. This shade of green has been known to create a sense of calm in the same way that house plants do, so using it in the home is an easy way to connect with nature in a more subtle way. Sage green can also act as a neutral thanks to its muted tone and is an updated and more popular alternative to beige.

3.      Go for dark tones to create an earthy atmosphere 

dulux dark tones earthy atmosphere

Painting the walls in natural shades like forest green will promote a relaxing vibe that is perfect for helping you unwind at the end of a long day. Balancing the darker shade of green with lighter wood tones like rattan, pine or bamboo will stop the room being overwhelmed by the walls, and using lighter accent colours like yellow or soft grey will prevent deep greens making the room too gloomy.

4.      Add a pop of colour to brighten the space 

dulux pop of colour

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of bright colour to your green and grey living room. A bright pop of yellow is a fun way to bring personality to your space and create a talking point. Choose a muted green for the walls, a bold yellow sofa and grey soft furnishings. Consider patterned blankets and cushions to break up the block colour.

5.      Try a playful and bold emerald green 

dulux playful emerald green

Emerald green is a bluey shade of green and is bold by nature. So as not to overwhelm a small room with such a daring colour, consider a feature wall of emerald to draw the eyes toward one area and naturally elongate a space. Alternatively, paint only two-thirds of the wall in emerald and paint the top third in a pale grey. Use the same grey on the ceiling to create the illusion of height and add space to a smaller room. If painting skirting boards in a white or pale grey, keep them looking fresh for longer by choosing paint from our durable and wipeable Easycare range

Top tips to make a green and grey living room look stylish 


Adding hues of green to any living room is an easy way to capture the essence of summer all year round. Darker, moodier greens add an earthy backdrop for wooden furniture and indoor plants, while more botanical and natural green shades bring with them a sense of calm that cannot compare.

Greens and greys combined create a refreshing colour palette of versatile hues, and can be complemented by a range of other colours when it comes to styling. Adding pops of Millennial pink will instantly modernise a green and grey room, while pairing with muted yellows or golden browns will bring a cosier feel.

Avoid a dull interior by playing with textures and patterns. Soft furnishings can easily update a tired room, without the need to re-decorate; seasonal décor can be luxe and inexpensive with the addition of metals and lurex threads, or chic and modern with marbled tables and glass accessories.

 Whatever your style, there are grey and green living room decorating ideas for everyone. Visit our green paint colour hub for more inspiration.

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