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Create Texture with White Wall Paint

Add depth to flat white with easy-to-achieve paint effects


A little bit of creativity can go a long way when it comes to implementing your white room ideas, and the easiest option is to create texture on your walls with shades of grey and white wall paint.

By gently dabbing a sponge on to your walls with a thin layer of paint you can easily create a speckled wall effect that will instantly transform your room. You want to start with your lighter colour, so use a white base and then slowly add the texture with the grey. To ensure you don’t use too much paint in your dabbing, test it first on a piece of newspaper; once the paint starts to thin and gives a mottled look, you’re fine to take it to the wall.

Another great wall effect is the ombre look, where your colours will flow from one into the other without a harsh line in between. You can achieve this by painting a thick line of your grey paint across the white wall where you want your ombre effect to start, and then once that is dry, use a wet brush or sponge to blur the line between the two colours. Very simple, but dramatic effect overall.

For something a little more modern, the stencilled look is very on-trend this season. Geo lines and random cut-outs are very Scandi-inspired and very easy to achieve. Using good masking tape, you want to tape up your wall into the stencil pattern of your choice, and then essentially cutaway segments of the wall into different colours.

Whatever your living room ideas, grey and white are an excellent combination and adding texture to walls is an easily achievable project for the home.

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