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Blue Living Room Inspiration

The living room is the heart of the home – a place to unwind, relax and socialise. Creating a soothing backdrop is easy with a splash of Dulux blue paint, the perfect colour to add personality and elegance to your lounge. From navy to turquoise, there are all sorts of shades to play around with, depending on the look you want to create. Explore our blue living room décor ideas below, ideal for classic and modern homes.

Immerse your living room in shades of blue

Transform your living room with luxurious blue

Dramatic and decadent or restful and comforting, blue living rooms can be whatever you want them to be. Darker hues such as teal and navy add warmth to living room walls, while a light blue living room in shades of the sea brings a soothing calm.

The colour blue has a luxurious feel with its many undertones, creating a variety of moods - whether it's a timeless blue-grey living room or a splash of electric blue as a vivid feature wall. As versatile as any neutral, blue living room décor is the perfect accent to various palettes. With our blue living room ideas, helpful FAQs and tips, you're sure to find inspiration.

Blue Living Room Inspiration

Whether you’re looking for navy blue living room ideas or want to create a blue and white living room, browse our design articles for inspiration from the experts.

Blue shades for your living room

Blue living room paint colours can range from light pastel shades to timeless royal blue. This colour is a favourite in living rooms because of its calming effect and welcoming feel. It also taps into feelings of freedom and optimism associated with blue skies and the ocean.

The versatility of blue means it pairs well with a myriad of shades, making the decorating options limitless. So whether you envision a dark and dramatic living room or a bright coastal-inspired space, give this popular colour a try.

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Let’s Colour Podcast: The Blue Colour Palette

Learn more about relaxing blue paint colours with our fabulous painting podcast. In the Blue Colour Palette episode, we provide expert decorating advice and delve into why this colour works so brilliantly in the home. We also look at how some shades of blue can help ease the symptoms of migraines, with expert insight from Dr Katy Munro.

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